Fair Play? When did you upgrade the anti cheating system? Cheaters are all jumping in the face!


Prepare for people to attack you and say its not real and fore Forum mods to silence you… Yea lotsa stuff out there for every online game even single player’s I mean how often we find people doing record breaking speedruns only to be found out later …yea I do wish Gaijin would take more serious steps to detect illegal software but dont worry we the players will handle it for them for free…


I also recorded a video. This forum can’t produce more than 4MB. I’ve been watching it for almost a year and a half, so this person has banned one account

This people buy a lot of things on the Gaijin store, from premium vehicles to g.e., so Gaijin will “care” less about this.


oh chinese player streaming themselves cheating

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Live streaming by merchants solely selling cheating software

He earns much more money from selling this software than Gaijin does from him


We need to save these cheater from them selfs by providing uninstall scripts

Its not just Chinese.

nope North Korea has huge amounts of gaming squads that use cheats to level accounts for sale its a way their government makes money on Black market …there actually a documentary about it

Yeah… link to Nork gov playing WT for fun and profit please?

You can use google …you would be surprised what desperate People or systems will do to make money…

Why defend and deny NK does what I talk about… I mean go look at LoL or warcraft… Heck people even did placement matches in Starcraft for money so turnip’s could brag about being in Diamond level meanwhile they died to simple rushes silver level players would counter …

So… IOW you can’t 'cause you made that up.

You obviously refuse to search lol I meant there is a bloddy documentary on youtube about that stuff… So im sorry no I will not post stuff thats gotten me banned from this very forum before…

Well being racist is wrong but region locking probably one way to help…The best way would be to investigate then infiltrate the people making and selling this software and improving detection of illegal software…there are more honest players in Asia then cheaters trust me and we want THOSE people to be a part of this community

Mainly I think I know what you are referring to and you’re wrong, its about the Nork version of China’s “Cyber Corps”. And no, they don’t play WT to raise money for Kim’s pocket money.
The vast majority of Norkland is dirt poor and the few who have internet access at all, its strictly limited and monitored. So unless you have some compelling source, I’m gonna say… you’re “mistaken”.

Your allowed your opinion people are allowed to be wrong in this world…LoL and warcraft might have a different opinion than you tho…

Is this the Warcraft forum?

Rotten people, you would think they’d just program cheats that flash victory screens with randomly generated scoreboards every 5 minutes by now since playing the actual game somehow stopped appealing to them. God, imagine how lowly and pitiful one’s life has to be that even playing, something which exists purely for fun and the competitive spirit, has to be reduced to this.