Fair Play June 2023


Banned accounts

We continue to use all means to prevent cheating in War Thunder: Easy Anti-Cheat watches out for banned software, while we pay attention to the player’s reports. You can use the replay feature on our website to tell us about the players who violate the Terms of Use and EULA.

During June of 2023 we blocked 174 accounts that were violating the rules. For full transparency, we have published the full ban list here.


Set a strong password for your account and enable two-step authentication in your profile - this will protect your account from fraudsters. Don’t use forbidden client modifications and never share your account information with anyone!


If that actually worked, we’d have many hundreds, if not thousands of accounts being banned every month, not 174. Accept the reality that the cheating and botting issue is getting out of hand, and please devise a much more effective way of countering cheaters and botters.


Agreed. The current measures are pitiful at best.


thats fairly reasonable, bots might be easier to spot, however banning them is also a bit tricky bc how do you know for sure thats not a guy that plays like a bot, or is super ultra bad at the game, etc, tho is def a much less complicated topic than gameplay report cheaters

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? Bots are super obvious, and it’s almost impossible to mistake them for a player.

At least current itineration of botting


Definitely not enough. There are full botting squadrons with dozens of bot accounts and you ban just 174 of them? lmao


why would you ban Vladimir Putin??


174 out of 150k daily players so only 0.1% are cheating… I highly doubt it.


Not gonna lie I see at least 3 accounts on that list that i personally reported. I guess that’s nice!


you are literally the kind of people i speak about when i say people that don’t know game mechanics or advanced tactics or have experience are the ones reporting everyone saying they are cheaters. I don’t say this to be mean, but dude, you have a 0.3KD, which is pretty bad, so clearly there is a lot to learn for you, 8 kills is what a good player might get every other match on ground RB by farming people like you who probably don’t have a lot of experience, again, this is not to be mean, but even for the 4000 matches of RB 0.3 is pretty bad. the reason I bring this up is that, I at a certain point years ago accused a lot of people of cheating because I was coping, but as I got better, it just turns out that there is a lot of people who are just plain good at this game, and with more knowledge that i could imagine i would have in this game, there is such a high skill ceiling when you go to tournament players that are insanely good at the game, but here you say getting 8+ kills a match is sus, like, how do people expect bans to be easy on actual cheaters when there is a sea of players that simply are inexperienced with poor performance reporting every guy that outskills them in a clever way, an absolute mess to go through all of those “reports”.

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pretty reasonable i suppose, issue is manpower to take on such a task, hence why i say a solution is not as easy, bc there are thousands of hours of gameplay these guys would have to go through.

For some dumb reason, I had to read plenty of Latin proverbs lately.

“Timendi causa est nescire -
Ignorance is the cause of fear.”

Yeah, no wonder your friends told you to kys.

Back when I was what they called an improvised chamber pot in BF3, I was banned multiple times (they had community-run servers back then). So, I agree with you—if you are skilled to some level and have the occasional lucky shot, or, to flatter you, skill shot, you may get called a cheater. Because, as they say, “Any sufficiently advanced skill is indistinguishable from magic”.

A mere months ago, I, pretty much an IT illiterate, would have said, cheating is impossible in cheat-protected games without community servers. Obviously, it’s not.

“Ignorance is the cause of fear.”
No, ignorance is the cause of levity.

Join the War Thunder subreddit to see a dozen of bot tanks run a train on poor humans trying to cap the first base. Every so often, you get video proof of hackers—in RB, of course. I even got on a web page claiming to sell undetectable, anti-cheat bypassing hacks. Could as well be a scam—if your account is ten years old, and you won’t increase your video game budget by a £100 a day to pay these ludicrous sums to get access to those hacks, you won’t give it a try for the heck of it.

But I just want to point to “Escape from Tarkov”—if you can get advantages from hacking in a video game, people will. Either because they’re rich and think effortless, stolen victories are fun. Or because they’re poor, but have the talent to build hacks – to make money with the first group of people by selling these hacks or accounts that have years worth of grinding in them.

I’m with you, catching good hackers is hard, and WT does not have a massive hacking problem in the first place.

But the thing WT has, and that is no fun, too, is a botting issue. And while you can never eliminate hacking just by game design (because this is not just a gaming topic, looking at you, professional sports), I think Gaijin is able and maybe already in the process of massively curbing down on botting. It is widely acknowledged that eradicating deviant behaviour cannot be accomplished solely through the implementation of harsher penalties (and hackers and botters already face the death penalty, kind of), but rather through the enhancement of the likelihood of being caught. And there must be some means to increase the ban chance of bot users, if automating this is a challenge, maybe employ more people to look at replays. The most challenging, but also the most rewarding way in- and outside video games is by reducing the incentives for deviant behaviour. Gaijin is attempting to achieve this objective with WT by making the grind more fair.
If that works, all power to them! They can count on my vote.


They’re not the first to try, though.

Yeah. I think the core cause of most issues with the whole game can be traced to Gaijin being severely understaffed. The sound dev on github, for example, always talks about not having enough time to do all the work he has.

But I also think the botting issue is really getting bad, and should be worth hiring more people for. Guess Gaijin thinks otherwise.

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“Yeah, no wonder your friends told you to kys.”

Really? Why would you even go there.

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Thousands of hours? Botting is so obvious, that all you need to do is to watch few games AT MOST, to determine whether the person is actually botting.



compare to cheaters, bots isn’t that bad, especially for naval, bot is the only way Battleship can play and make positive SL gain.

I really hope what you mean for that is that it’s easier for battleships to earn money because of free bot kills, and not trying to justify using botting to earn SL

if bots benefit me with more rewards why would I be bothered? I am against air and ground bots, but for naval, it’s totally ok.
and as I said, without bots, the naval will be completely dead mode. before bots came into the game, there were only 4-8 players in the game, full up tier players always leave because they have nothing to do with battleships, the rest of the players suffer from high repair fees, and the waiting time is ridiculously long. Meanwhile, bots players buy more naval premiums, without bots, I’m afraid Gaijin may cut the naval out due to a lacking playerbase and poor sales.