Fair Play: July 2024


We’re constantly working on removing cheaters from War Thunder. We rely on the Easy Anti-Cheat system to check for prohibited software usage, as well as on reports from players that we carefully go through. You can use the replay service on our website to report players to us who have violated the Terms of Service and the License Agreement of the game.

Banned accounts

For June and early July 2024, we’ve blocked 7,606 accounts that were found to have violated the rules. Specifically 3.2.3 of the EULA namely in the automation of gameplay (using bots) and cheat software.

For complete transparency, we’re publishing the full list of these blocked players. This list will be available for two weeks after the publication of this article.


We recommend that you set a strong password for your account and enable two-step authentication in your profile. This will protect your account from fraudsters. And remember, don’t use forbidden client modifications and never share your account information with anyone!

War Thunder Team


I quote myself from the May thread:

Fair Play: May 2024 - #7 by Uncle_J_Wick

  1. As far as i know we do not plan to share this information in nearest future.
  2. All bans are permanent.

Have a nice day :)


What wonderful news to see on a night like this, Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah!!

Now hopefully a few of the poxy Fidonisy class destroyer Kerch bots I’ve reported are on this list as those bastards reappeared in mass after 2.37 dropped the other week.

God damn another huge ban wave. I think everyone needs to celebrate.


I completely agree with you here, a more detailed reasoning even if it’s a vague detail would be more transparent.


I very disappointed, Vyzn hack where my report

Not really at the same level of effort as Kal of TF2 yet but the effort is appreciated))

I still don’t know what I did to get banned for this reason. I love this game and played it religiously for four years almost every day, and I’m treated with a ban for “cheating”… Which is just straight up wrong. I never modified my game. I never even installed custom missions. I’m at such a loss.

Glad we have moved on from the time where ‘cheating is impossible’ and are actively dealing with them.

Botting is also cheating.

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I didnt bot though? I invite everyone to review my replays and tell me I botted.

Please remember also: People often undervalue the use of 2-step-authorisation. A well protected account is important to prevent someone can get illegal access to it and get someone into trouble.

Even if that happens, the responsibility for the accounts security lies always with the owner of the account, meaning that if the players don’t protect their accounts, they might have to face the consequences if their accounts are used to perform illegal actions by others…


Yeah, id have to agree with this, if you gave a reason on why that particular person got banned on the report, It would then give them a reason to appeal against said ban.

Not only that it would give an idea to the creators, of the cheats / bots etc an indication of where they could improve or change the bot/program etc, its better to keep that sort of information in house.

And yes a ban is a ban, totally agree, there is never a situation i can think of, where a person is banned on/by Accident, there has to be a reason for it, I’m sure there is an in depth check done on these types of accounts before the ban is put in place.


Well done on a Great Ban Campaign,

Really happy its done straight after the “Big Sales Discounts” too

Hopefully this will make Matches more enjoyable in the future

Dw,multiple cheaters reported for months and they still run around.

They will get caught out eventually, people like that always do

Imho you underestimate the implications of my questions:

For #1:

  • A simple column (bot or cheat) would give the community a feedback regarding the “quality” of those forbidden modifications.

  • Imho a guy using a wallhack / aimbot is way more detrimental for the game than a 5$ bot script which allows users to run bombers in Air RB 24/7.

  • So by giving a very high level reason within these ban reports the community can decide if those bans are actually making a difference or not.

  • So if they would state that they banned 90% “botters” - the remaining 10% would be “real” cheaters - imho nothing to write home about…

For #2:

  • A few rounds earlier they wrote that some of the listed guys just received a temp ban.
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Irregardless of the persons intentions, gaining an advantage either using an aimbot or a script, both of these are treated as the same in my view, and punished with a clear ban, its as simple as that.

Plus you shouldn’t have to feel the need to cheat on a game like this, teamwork, communication etc are what’s needed to have an enjoyable experience, cheaters are not wanted and ruin the game for everybody else.


Some run around for years.