Fair Play: December 2023

There is much more cheaters to be banned. You’ve got info about at least 40k accounts. There is a cheater in your game every second match on average. Only 6k accounts banned? Joke.


Many sellers of auto-aiming cheat software claim that their cheat programs originate from the official source, and they demonstrate the software’s ability to directly lock onto the target vehicle’s cannon breech under any circumstances. Now, in every match, there are inexplicable shells damaging your cannon breech, especially when implemented in some long-distance moving vehicles, which is outrageous. The main cheaters in the game are not automatic robots but users of auto-aiming software, and the official attitude towards this type of cheater is very ambiguous. If this continues, it will lose regular players.


The existence on the banned list was actually unbanned. It was the same last time!

Obviously, those accounts are for selling.

Unfortunately many have “escaped” the recent ban wave. There are still alot of them left ingame. About 1 in every 3 matches uses Wallhacks or ESP for situational awareness. Those are the hardcore hackers that look almost legit until watched in a replay. Mostly lvl 100 players belong to this populace.

Others have begun returning to the game as new players. Spotted last night one who bought the CT-CV off the gaijin market which dropped its price now to 20 Euro, lvl 7 that racked 12 kills. Shot me at 1,5 km range while driving full speed, disabled my cannon and turret.

Low to middle tier is again unplayable due to blatant hackers everywhere, 1 out of 2 matches are with at least 3-4 hackers.


Seems to me it’s a money maker for Gaijin then. They ban the accounts of hackers/botters who paid for premiums (accounts or vehicles), the owners of which immediately create new accounts that they pay for premiums on (accounts or vehicles), which Gaijin then bans. The argument that Gaijin won’t ban cheaters because they pay doesn’t hold water. Seems to me Gaijin would make more money banning them BECAUSE they paid money.
Incidentally, where is the stat “one in three” coming from? I don’t play tanks enough to be able to make the judgement necessary to track that kind of statistic. If someone is publishing these stats, I think most players deserve to be able to see them personally.


I honestly didn’t think there was actual cheating since I couldn’t even open cheatengine to use in other games while warthunder was open. I just figured some folks were butthurt whiners. Kinda suprised about this tbh. I guess the client/server sync avoids lag by being picky about what to share and I spose… it’s overriding info in a server compat way on the client side. whelp, no system is perfect

ah … Here it comes … right on schedule …“In allll of MY years of gaming I have neeever seen a REAL cheater” … uh-huh, ya right, Seems like disputing the obvious with ‘alternate facts’ based on made up fantasy, spread by pathological liars has become a regular thing now 🙄


Honestly, the thought did cross my mind. BSG (owners of Escape from Tarkov), always seem to have a sale right after the big ban wave

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It’s a start, and it’s nice to see, but it’s not nearly enough.

Just been in a battle with someone with a score of 770 deaths and only 84 kills in a Moffett, and it’s not the only one ive seen with numbers like that this morning.

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and we’re back to “business as usual” … almost half of the team are bots again. Brand new accounts, every single one with the same Kerch (AB) → Tashkent + Krasny Kavkaz (RB) ship progression.


Bot player are beginning to increase again in Naval RB. It’s freaking annoying having to play with 3 of those bot destroyers on your team. You know you’re going to lose. Gaijin please fix this stupid nonsense.

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Gajin should implement new anti cheat system otherwise the real players will leave this game and looks for alternatives. This is urgent

I’m relatively new to the game but is it cheating or just being good?. It seems to be happening to me often, no matter where i’m hit the breach is damaged. Also I’ve noticed being hit from across the map no matter if i’m moving or hiding. Is there a way to turn off identifying graphics? I check an area where no one is there and then boom I’m dead. It happened when I went around a building and same. I also notice identifiers blinking off the map only to reapear in an other spot. Am I crazy?

Nah you need a good squadie…

Build up that friends list, and call on people to group up with you.

The game is hectic and fast paced so much that the learning curve is literally a cliff-face. You NEED to get someone with you, that you know is going to hang around you, or at least keep an eye on you, to make you able to notice more things, without as much vulnerability of being alone.

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