Fair MM?

Hello guys,

after years i am back to WT and well, i remember why i quit. The Matchmaking is still bs. I am ALWAYS bottomtier no mather what i do. One vehicle on BR 5.7 and the others bellow Vs 6.7. Other match i chose BR 6,7 with again one tank on 6,7 the rest bellow vs BR 7,7. Thats no Fun. Is there a way to get a balanced match? or even that i am finally that high tier?


Hey there @HerrKnusper

I’ve recently returned after a little time off. It does seem that match making is still a little out of balance. However I think it’s kind of a price we pay for shorter queue wait times. Back a few years it seemed more balanced to me, but you could spend 30 minutes or more in the queue waiting for a battle to come up. Even then I experienced my share of uptiers. No matter how I set my lineup, I always seemed to end up facing people one or better ranks above me.

But last week I had a thought about that and wondered if crew training has something to do with that. I learned pretty early on that crew rating is really important to the performance and durability of my machines. So as I worked my way up the ranks, I would get uptiered a lot.

I mainly play US but started a Russian group a month ago. Things seemed pretty balanced until I purchased some upgrades for my crews. Turret turning for Russian tanks is pretty awful and I just wanted to get some better aiming and reloading. Ever since then, I’ve pretty much been uptiered every battle. Trial by fire I guess, but it still frustrates me sometimes.

I’m still not sure if it is supposed to work like that, but I thought I would post it and see if one of the people more sure about the technical part of the game would confirm this or not. Getting ready to play one more battle with my Rank III setup but I can be sure I will face some Rank IV tanks.

Hopefully someone can answer this because it has been on my mind for a long time.

See you on the battlefield… unless you see me first I guess! :D

MM looks at team balance - not your individual position.

Every time you are bottom BR someone else in your team is top BR.

nobody would mind if queues were a bit longer but matches were better