F8u-2 10.0 -> 10.3

60 counter measures

4 AIM-9Ds

Four 20mm canons

High speed, good turn rate, superb acceleration

Could we also fix the radar too?


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Well but 9D’s are caged seekers similar to 9B’s.

F8U-2 doesn’t access 9C’s.

And MiG-21F-13/-PFM/J-7II all stands at 9.3, while being much more capable fighters aswell


it’s very hard to effectively maneuver below 4000m since it has a tendency to lose its wings and its missiles have a very narrow seeker, it’s perfectly balanced where it is


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Boom and zoom playstyle shouldn’t conflict with this.

Yes this helps avoid flares from interrupting the seeker and is why the missile benefits so heavily from its longer range.

Similar but not relevant.

No it does not.

Many such cases, Air RB is horrifically balanced. One must inevitably start somewhere.

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no. it’s a compression issue. Until they decide to decompress those brackets en masse we shouldnt talk individual planes except for a few overly spammed ones ( The F-8C isnt a problem in that aspect)

They’ve just moved several previously 8.7 planes to 8.3, the 9.7 bracket is nigh unplayable. I don’t see how we’re going to achieve decompression without moving planes such as this one up.

I mean, they’ve moved a lot of 8.7s and 9.0s down, yes but they also made the game a lot harder for 7.7s and 8.0s.
It’s a vicious cycle. Decompression in this case wasn’t achieved, they only shifted the compressed parts down. Extending BR range and periodically moving stuff up is the only way to do it. Last BR change patch achieved nothing of the sort.

Then why this should be relevant?

Because AIM-9Ds are the missiles it has an uses.

Why should they be relevant to an upgrade of BR when in same BR you can Find Magic-1 missile, with the current 35G, and uncaged seeker (A-5C // Mirage 5F)?

The 9D are by far inferior to most missiles of 10.3,…

F-4C is being 10.0 because of it have 9E’s which are 9B’s with uncaged seeker.

F-8E is 10.3 because of his Head-on ability given by 9C’s.

R60 missile, the analog of 9D’s is also at 10.3 and superior in many points (range is in favor of 9D’s)


Can you find 4 Magic 1 missiles?

To most but not all.

I believe it’s due to its AIM-7Ds.

It has reinforced wings making it less susceptible to wing rip.

And can be found at 9.3, not a good indicator of balance.

2 Magic 1s are better than 4 AIM-9D.


It’s because Yak38 has poor airframe and there was no other way of balancing it.

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They are quite effective.

The MAUS seems balanced facing cold war vehicles. I fail to see why Air is given special balancing.

Magic 1s have superior flare resistance compared to AIM-9D. 2 Magic 1s will almost ensure 2 guaranteed kills. Where as AIM-9D can be flared with just one flare.

Please let me know when Gaijin added a converter of BR for the amount of missiles a plane can carry, Mirage 3’s / 5f’s /F.1’s / 2000’s needs to be accomodated same rule, if it exist.

7D’s are fine, ngl the most effective weapon for knowledgeable users.

9E’s are basically useless with their 10G.

Not only,… and yes 9C’s are usable, and often surpises your ennemy.

Which aircraft? The flying VTOL brick of Yak-38?