F8F-1B has significant handling issues

I have a strong love hate relationship with the f8f, for one it has good guns and a good climb rate but for other the thing can’t just pull the hell off enemy guns, not even the damn hornet. Why does that thing fly like a waddling duck?? why is it bad at every speed? at low speed it waddles, at medium speed it loses energy and at high speed it locks up. I literally can’t pull off head ons i’m not even taking and i can’t either reverse anyone because the plane just automatically flies onto the enemy gun whenever I fly defensively for how much that thing waddles.

Lol I can’t help but all I can picture now is an F8F with duck legs waddling through the air. LOL


Played it is sim but not much RB; it’s handling definitely interferes with making full use of the turn rate, but it’s still good all things considered.

right before i made this post i got a 7 kill game where i just basically waddled and sprayed everyone because the thing is just unable to pinpoint aim. It’s really really bad, you can’t control wherever the plane goes, you can’t pull away from head ons, you can’t do anything lol. The La9 feels a lot better being brutally honest. We should have the f8f-2b (would be dead on arrival) because the f8f-2 has larger wings, larger elevator and vertical stabilizer and solved so many of the issues the f8f-1b had. But at least i prefer the f8f-1b much over the sea fury.

Bro, you can’t complain about a plane and then tell people that you got a 7 kill game in it. Noones going o take your argument seriously…


Have you consider Aircraft design,… why it have been made for?

It have a big engine, short but large wings, and big bubble canopy.

The canopy is for the pilot to have the most visibility on what is under and behind him

The big ass engine is to climb well

The short wing is to reach high speed in dives, the large wing is to ensure it can takeoff from the carrier

→ why the hell are you not simply BoomNZooming? ^^"

The F8F never was designed to be a turnfighter,… even the F6F or F4U turnfight abilities were humble(better than the F8F though)

The design have been made around the Doctrine in-use for Fighter Sweep and Bomber cover missions.


the f8f turns inside griffon spitfires…

Against bad Griffon players then?

The current Wiki.wt site is giving those numbers,for RB mode and fully modified:

Climb rate 24.8m/s
Turn time 19seconds
Maxspeed (at 4268m of altitude): 708km/h

Spitfire Mk24:
Climb rate 28.3m/s
Turn time 17.6seconds
Maxspeed (at 8232m of altitude): 778km/h

So basically the spitfire mk24 is better at high altitude, but is also better in turning and climbing abilities.

The big difference in here is that F8F engine is a twin row radial engine, which gives it’s best at lower speed maneuvers.

So if the Spitfire Mk24 never goes under 380km/h, it will simply rates your aircraft and then keeps you in control zone to shoot you down.

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If you mention wiki in your argument then everyone counts your argument invalid. Would not recommend doing that. Just friendly advice :)


the engine appearance matters nothing whatsoever, whether is inline, v layout or sternmotor (radial), you have the n1k’s with double radials that marvelously suck below 300ias. Same for the sea fury and la7. It is the prop the responsible of having better or worse low speed thrust or more or less drag at high speed. Yak9u, all 109s, p38s and merlin spitfires are examples of inline engines that deliver a lot of slow speed thrust.

Same here, but I didn’t find it really problematic in fights. I use superior energy advantage, and if the enemy is slowly winning the turnfight, i pull away and let the big engine outrun anything. It’s a small plane, fast by any means but its wings seem like they’re designed for speed, not turnrate. Still outturns what it cannot outrun

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yes i love it’s acceleration and the insane straight line speed on the deck, but still the rudder throws me off so much. Overresponsive at slow speed and irresponsive at medium and high speed. No complains about the rest.

Handling issues of the F8F-1 family make it so that using the rudder is very difficult. B&Z can still be an option, but you’d have to be slowing down on the dive and forcing the plane to 350 knots on the run (which is possible) to get even a chance to aim properly and survive. Unless you’re like me and don’t even rely on rudder to aim.

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just because i had a high kill game doesn’t mean the plane is excellent. Same for when i cry about the sea fury; someone can be bad and complain, someone can be bad and not complain, someone can be mid and complain, someother can be good and complain. These 7 kills were literally spraying at everyone because the plane can’t pinpoint. The only major skill in these high kill matches are basically target prioritization. I am literally negative on the la-9 and i find it out to be a decent aircraft with little flaws.

No they can’t

You can look it at as you want too,… those information are given for the same method.

Those are numbers given by the game, relevant or not for you, those as still more precise than the bullshit of hurt feelings some people came in with.

Saying that a F8F have more turn abilities than Spitfire Mk22/24 is not giving any times, and it’s not talking about speed differential,…

The F4U was told to have a better turnrate than the A6M, but this was true for high speeds states.

So again, using a number is still better.

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yeah except that your arguments are severely flawed.

In the meantime, you only showed childish feelings over F8F-1B

Please go make some test with WRTI and make videos, use Manuals, and demonstrate that the aircraft is not flying as intended IRL.

If you did that in first place, no one would have anything to say back to you,… but no, you’re simply ignoring what should be done, and cry over the forum,… how many threads did you started last month?

I’m not saying you’re entirely wrong,… i’m saying that you’re just a cry-baby, with no other argues than “my feeling about the aircraft”/“take XXX aircraft it does all better than me, except in weaponary departement”,…

That’s not even based on WT “flawed values”(if only)


You literally summoned up every thread he makes.

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Tell me i was wrong to do that ^^"