F8F-1B has significant handling issues

You weren’t.

So many American planes have rudders that lock up at speed.

Problem is, they are best used in high speed BNZ runs.

I can’t fly P-51s or Bearcats due to their horrible rudders.

Was that a historical issue, or a Gaijin thing?

P-38 elevator locked up due to speed, known issue and translate in-game.

The rudder of most american aircraft at that time is a simple cable attached to pedal, and nothing helps it to be activated by the pilot at really high speeds.

Also note, that IRL a pilot wouldn’t full dive his P-51, or F4U at full speed, in such they would always stand in a certain speed/dive angle to keep on controlling the aircraft

So… Is nobody going to mention the insane overheating engine issues the F8Fs have?

Is an engine suppormsed to work on full speed all the time?
Answers is no ^^"

now with shorter matches you can run 13 minutes of fuel and cool down with 80 pitch and 100 percent radiators, the older matches would kill your engine as you would be heavier and even run out of the 16 minutes of wep. The F8F has severe handling issues because it loses too much thrust at slow speed, loses too much speed at 600 ias and locks up horribly past 700 making you unable to dodge incoming enemies. It’s a hard to play plane, and now considering that anm3’s are very much white text guns now, thank god gaijin added the severe damage frag. AN-M3s are horrible guns that give me more hits than anything and between the fact that the f8f is literally an la9 with no rudder and worse guns and a working engine, makes it an excruciatingly bad aircraft and you are basically going to miss most of your shots, get hits and get killed by objectively worse performing aircraft because the f8f-1b is not the monster that the lighter and faster f8f-1 at 5.0 is.

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Good this means i have still to make progress in my english.

Nothing abnormal for a non-native english speaker

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You certainly were moquing me, but i didn’t asked either, so fuck you man.


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Idk if it’s true, but I heard the F8F was modeled when Gaijin was going for a greater realism approach, and as such, it wasn’t an “optimal” engine. For other planes everything is usually somewhat optimal, such that planes can run 100% throttle and prop pitch for the entire match.

Also, don’t be surprised by any plane overheating on WEP since auto-engine controls assume you really need emergency power and close radiators to reduce drag, manual engine controls can allow for unlimited WEP time with open radiators partly because gaijin only models the strain on engines in a temperature timer.

so not “optimal” huh?

looks at soviets with not a single damn issue on their engines, normal overheating and effective, dragless radiators


boy if soviet engines were “optimal” they would lose horsepower the longer they run because of the sheer wearout of the parts. Mikulin engines on the other hand really used to be the best and most reliable, and because of this they were the rarest for how many quality standards they wanted in them. But what happens in game? The Mikulin powered russians are the ones that overheat the most. God, this game is inside out.

Although i liked another of your posts in this thread - i strongly recommend that you do some research about the specifications which led to the F8F design and certain design decisions within this process. Or just watch the attached vid :-)

To make it short: The basic principle was to create a high performance fighter optimized for high speed and fast climb in order to defend US fleets / carriers from (expected) waves of incoming Japanese suicide pilots - and able to operate from small escort carriers (for which the F6F was too heavy).

Therefore the plane looks like a body builder - some people love that, others feel the need to grab a sick bag if they are forced to look at it.

Greg is describing almost everythihg to know about it - imho he just missed the escort carrier topic:

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