F89D should get a VT and HVAR load

The F89D is a great jet with decent maneuverability, and is a great bomber hunter, but the biggest issue I have with it is the fact that if I take the VT rockets, I cant get the HVAR rockets as well, so if I go into a ground battle and I want to be able to kill tanks, I can, but I wont be able to defend against aircraft, so if we got a loadout with HVARs and the VT rockets, that would help out with that fact. We’d be able to kill ground targets while also being able to take out air targets, so it makes it even more versatile.

Do they not use the same launcher? How do you load both payloads?

They… dont… The Mighty mouse and the mighty mouse VT use the same launcher, the HVARs are wing mounted.

If u have the F-89D u must have the F-89B which is FAR better in rgb try that jet out handles any light tank or spaa even mediums and of course can keep your mates safe from CAS I do agree tho it would be nice to take HVARS seeing how it could

I despise the F-89B with a fiery passion, and I prefer the F-89D. I appreciate the suggestion, but I will NEVER use that thing again.