Why is this useless plane still in the game in a toptier battle?!?!

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The F-8E doesn’t sit at top tier, nor is it useless.
AIM-9Ds are solid missiles are 10.3, and the AIM-9Cs aren’t bad missiles either. The stock grind on the F-8E isn’t a very bad one either as you get AIM-9Cs stock.

How are you flying the F-8E.

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I get it in GF battles. For this its useless. Other planes have an rocket calculator and this hasnt it. So its useless agains flaks where u die after 2-3 sec.

The Zuni rockets are pretty decent, but I do not suggest using the F-8E as a ground pounder as it’s better suited for air superiority.
You do sit at a BR where missile-armed SPAA is frequent, so using countermeasures is incredibly important.

For Ground RB I would suggest using the A-10 if you have that line of the tech tree researched.

Its AB dude…

You were just talking about ground forces, literally nowhere did you mention Air Arcade

Either way the F-8E is a solid aircraft, and if you’re having issues with it, it’s your own damn fault.


Maybe to fish people like you unable to use Rockets after grinding the ranks through up to that rank?

Well at least you show how sad is the current Players abilities to play the game at it’s fullest,…

(And you’re a 2013 player,… you never had such computer back in the days, so, i’m even more surprised that you’re the one bringing that up,…)

The real quealstion is why are you bringing F-8E as CAS to top tier battles.

I get it from GJ, i dont choose anything in GF AB

imagine trying to hit someone with im 9Cs

Oh, were talking about arcade!

Well, my bad, im not qualified to talk about arcade as i dont play it.

But do keep in mind that arcade BRs are kinda all over the place and chaotic when compared to realistic battles.

It’s not useless. Learn to use the jet properly. Yes it can struggle in a uptier but it’s quite good at 10.X br.
Edit: I didn’t notice you were talking about ground ab. I agree with you F8E should be removed from ground AB since it’s not suitable for that game mode.

When spaded, the F-8E is very good. Not sure what you’re talking about.

F-8E as randomly selected CAS in ground arcade.

Oh. I don’t play AB so I’m not qualified to talk about it in AB, but I do know that it’s not a CAS plane at all and if they are using it as a CAS plane, they’re using it wrong.

Well yea, excatly, thats why i feel the “randomly selected” bit come into play.

OP prolly has a point that F-8E shouldnt really be in the list of possible planes for CAS.

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I’ve gotten plenty of kills with the AIM-9Cs.

OP forgot to specify its about ground arcade.

Ah, gotcha.
I don’t really touch arcade, but having the F-8E as a ground attacker in arcade seems like a strange choice by Gaijin.

It only gets 4 zunis in ground ab if I remember it correctly.