F4U-4B VMF-214 and XM1 (Chrysler), no chance for PC player?

Why did Gaijin just put them on the Microsoft store as a bonus for Xbox One players? especially the XM1(Chrysler) has a lower BR, at least Gaijin should set a special day each of year as an event for premium vehicles for PC players to purchase.

Because they can’t use marketplace and get a lot less sales. The F4U is also just a reskinned version of the one in the TT…

This probably will never happen. Those Xbox only packs are the incentive for playing on Xbox. You get something no one else can get, but also don’t get access to other things.

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I just want to have a premium one, as the booster of SL and RP, Till now gaijin still doesn’t provide the Talisman of SL, just RP… and I really love F4U4B

Now gaijin allows Xbox accounts to transfer to PC accounts, which will keep their purchase things…

Well yes, I got that from the OG post…

I doubt that will change anytime soon

Same, and if anyone doesn’t then they must be crazy

Yes, but what I what I meant by that is that people who play on Xbox, even if they switch over later, have the incentive to pay for something because no other device will be able to buy… Even after they switch, they will have it, but they won’t be able to buy it after if they hadn’t already.

Also you realize that PSN have an exclusive A-26 and I think something else, but idk for sure, and the PC players have the marketplace as their “exclusive” thing. The only reason I say it like that is if you switch then you can access it too, even if you started on Xbox.

Anyways, just know that this probably will never happen