F4S Useless as a Base Bomber?

I keep trying to use the F4S in Air RB on base bombing runs, but no matter how I limit the loadout and fuel, no matter how straight a trajectory I’m on, I never get to the target in time before it’s hit by another teammate. I then try to loiter around for a respawn, but that invariably gets me spent of fuel or missiled. What am I doing wrong?

Use rockets, you get more sl with a bit more range and they need less to kill a base


don’t base bomb and actually learn how to play the game please


Learn to be helpful and not hostile please.


I’ll try that, thanks!

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This is not a unique problem. 4 bases and long respawn leaves many aircraft struggling. Just imagine how the Tornado IDS feel at the same BR which are both slower and more vulnerable and bombing bases is their only job.

You have 3 choices

  1. Learn how to play Sim. Always ground targets to bomb in that gamemode,
  2. Focus on A2A and then drop bombs or rockets after bases begin to respawn
  3. Take the scenic route around the edge of the map and come in after bases start to respawn

You could try running a minimal load, but you are still racing most of your team. You will never be 100% successful.

There is a big desire for Gaijin to overhaul ARB, either with faster respawns for the bases or an additional “large” target, like the airfield to bomb instead. Because this issue renders many bombers and strike aircraft almost impossible to play (currently trying to spade the Jaguar IS and im the last off the airfield every single time. The F4s have bombed and turned to fight the enemy team before im even half way to the bases)

Though @AUSChalkWarrior is right, to a degree. F-4S is not a strike aircraft, its a perfectly capable air to air fighter. Its not a Tornado, Jaguar, etc. If you fail to get to a base, you should commit to fight the enemy team. Even if that means ditching any bombs you have. Rockets are lighter, but do still impact your flight performance


Adding insult to injury, another teammate who was racing me to bomb the base came into contact with my flares and then proceeded to crash, which apparently was counted a temkill against me. Ridiculous.

Flares do no damage (i think) , more likely your bombs did damage to him

Appreciate the suggestions, much thanks.

Could be, I’d read that what I described was a common issue, I just assumed it so. It was here, but it’s Sim, so I dunno:

Ive never seen it, but its possible. Rarely am I flying so close to someone that is an issue

its really usefull, i used it to grind us tree from rank 2-8 in just ~1 month with it using base bomb tactic

use rocket, 3+2 pods should be enough for 1 base, 3+3 if you want guarantee, don’t bring any ir missle cause you will rarely use it, and fuel around 17 minute and you should be able to bomb base most of the match and still can get at least 1 kill

for ec map bring 2+3+3+2 rocket, extra fuel tank, and bring 100% fuel, always choose the farthest base, fire your rocket until 94-96 rocket left and see if there any base left that your team don’t want to bomb (cause every base bomber already get their base, or already dead) and bomb it

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Thanks so much, very helpful. This is the kind of info that should be included in the WT Wiki F4 page, which it currently lacks.

Toss bomb with the ccrp, you will gain a lot of range.


Completely, it’s what I love using the F-84F for too. At that lower BR, I’ve faced little issue getting successfully to target like with the 11.3 F4.

Killing enemy actually help your teammates.

This game is still team game so, you shouldnt use F4s as goddamn B-17.


Yea, but it would hardly help him do it faster than his teammates. What I suggest is flying a longer route (blue) to the bases, that way you’ll be there when they respawn or when all your teammates going for it would be dead, also fly around 10-15m high in order to not show up on an enemy radar. Or just be a free thinker and fly to the right (purple) make it long so all the enemies would cross and furrball on the other part of the map. Just remember: 1)Fly close to the deck 2)Use CCRP (do not confuse with CCIP) when you’re sure the base is yours 3)Be patient, don’t rush, you’re a little rat - if no one likes you, might as well stop giving any damn flying CCRP about being helpful. But please - for the future, learn how to play, or when you’ll get to the top tier you’ll just be nothing more but food for people like me.

As funny as this is, this happens in game, the flares will “ghost damage” an aircraft, and count as a hit/damage, and proceeding to J out or Crash will cause the giving end to receive the punishment for repair costs. Even says in the kill feed that’s the weapons used to kill was “Flares”


This is gonna be long, so strap in.

The F-4 phantom, fielded in 1963 in the form of the F-4C Phantom II, boasted powerful engines and technology for the 1960’s. Seeing its first conflict in the Vietnam war, its adversaries were of small power compared to the F-4C Phantoms power and weaponry, taking down MiG-15’s to MiG-21’s with relatively low force. Only a few were shot down, mostly by SAM’s but also a few by enemy pilots. While’s its main intended purpose was aerial combat, it also was able to be used as a strike aircraft, as its secondary role. Later models, such as the F-4D has the ability to carry SARH missiles, starting with the Hughes AIM-4 Falcon, and later the AIM-7 sparrow (DF) and an RWR system. The next major use of the F-4 phantom was in operation desert shield, in the form of the F-4G, still mainly being used in the role of Air Defence Fighter, or specifically, an Air Defence Fighter Supression aircraft. Overall, the entirety of the F-4’s history has been majorly all Air To Air combat, while still retaining the role of strike aircraft if needed. In a general sense, the F-4 phantom was the first “multirole” aircraft.

To use a vehicle well, you must know its history, and intended use. In a general sense, Simulator battles are great for the F-4, I’d suggest those, or switching to using it as mainly a fighter, and secondarily a strike aircraft, maybe focus convoys instead of bases.

The F-4S, or really any F-4 for that matter, is in a general sense in a bad place in war thunder right now, and are all mostly severely overtiered, and lackluster because of it. Base bombing, especially at top tier is not the way to grind, nor a great way to play a top tier match, comparatively to playing the B-17 at 4.7-5.3.

I hate to say it, but AUS has a point, not only that base bombing is not the proper way to play a top tier match, but also not an efficient or effective way to grind. Just learn your aircraft’s history, tactics, and uses, and that in a general sense will help gameplay tremendously.


In WT, teammates are just enemies in blue, I’ve heard it often said. Seems more true than not, given the current meta.