F4C and F4E

those planes are probably one of the worst planes in the entire game, entirely useless at their BR
F4E when maxed out MAYBE will do something (but good luck researching it with 2x aim9e at 11.0) but F4C is a total failure
these planes need some kind of rebalance/br change

i would agree F4E sucks completely as for stock grind but once you get bombs it gets a lot of bombs and when i mean a lot its A LOT so that might be the only reason its at 11.0

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i played F-4C : 357kills for 229 deaths
i played F-4E : 182 kills for 108 deaths

nothing looks bad on them,… but players certainly aren’t adapting to those aircrafts specifities,…

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Ah yes… The F-4C
10.3 aircraft in almost all aspect meta that doesn’t have flares


All-aspect META? only Slow Attackers have them,…

It is 10.0
It TECHNICALLY can see Tornado IDS variants. Those aren’t really slow to my knowledge
EDIT: Also 21bis with R-60M(K)s


F-4C is spectacular grinder. I think one of the best talismans I ever used.

If you wanna talk about bad Phantoms I present to you the worst piece of shit out of all of them:


What’s wrong with thee F-4EJ ADTW? I used it and it felt fine to fly and the missiles felt reliable enough.

10.0 for it’s BR,… it technically can see 11.0,… but won’t see 16 of them (max BR is only 4 aircrafts)

therefore,… the META the F-4C sees is mostly rear-aspect missiles,…

Of course
But even against them it won’t be easy. Good luck dodging R-60 in rear aspect. Or Magic even.

Subpar missiles 9P and 7E at 11.0 while your enemies have all-aspects and better radar missiles, which brings us to next point.
Shitty radar - lacks PD unlike MiG-23, F-4J(UK), F1C-200, F-4S. It’s a missile boat that has issues using missiles.
Neither fast nor nimble - frame is just too old. It wouldn’t matter if radar was good as it is missile boat, but it’s not good.

Basically you go against planes with generally better performance than you.

Edit: Still better than Harrier GR.1 tho, that thing is the worst premium in game I think

Idk about yall but I had a wonderful stock grind with the F-4E. Especially enjoyed the Israeli one with the 9Gs over the 9Js. Great base bomber early on and the 7E-2s are great weapons with their fast reaction capabilities, absolutely massacres downtiers and can still fight decently well in uptiers.

These planes are fine where they’re at. If you’re not successful in them, you’re using them wrong.

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Highly recommend packing FFARs in the F-4C, they work great as improvised flares and also give excellent ground-pounding capabilities

How long ago was this?

Get some rockets. you can use them as pseudo-flares.

Oddly enough, i have been using these two jets to grind the current event. Both are not fun in a full uptier but outside of that, they are pretty good.

I was really dreading getting to the 9.7-10.0 flareless planes, but I’ve honestly had a really good time in the F-4C and the T-2. Call it a skill issue but I think I’ve crashed both those planes more times than I’ve ended up in the sights of an undodgeable missile.

My strategy is no more complex than just climbing slightly to the left (wouldn’t even call it a sideclimb) and dropping down on people. Climbing around this rank is not the death sentence it can be at 11.0. The only radar missiles I tend to run into are the R-3Rs, which can be annoying just because I don’t think I’ve ever seen just one MiG-21S, there’s always a 3 piece, and that’s not counting the occasional sps-k hanging out with them.

I’ve rarely seen a full 11.0 uptier in the F-4C, in about 30 or so games, which was enough to unlock all of its A2A kit and most of the flight upgrades with zero basebombing. If I had a decent time flying the F-4C stock, I dunno how could it get worse.

Opinion discarded. F-4C gets by on speed, missile count, and the amazing vulkan cannon. (Only really needs the cannon).

F-4E is placed well given its maneuverability and 8 amazing missiles.