F4-s phantom is missing its armaments and AWG10B radar

the f4s ( which is an upgraded j model so it definitely has PD ) is lacking its much needed aim9L,s( historical armament btw ) and pulse doppler radar, it has no standing chance against enemies such as the mig23 and mig29 without a decent IR missile and pulse doppler radar ( no!!! head on mode is not real PD ) its insane to add a 1980’s variant of the phantom and give it 1960’s armament, and especially when you make people pay 70 dollars for it, whilst simultaneously the mig23ml gets SIX ALL ASPECT MISSILES THAT ARE CAPAPLE OF PULLING 20’G OR MORE.

also the apg59 was integrated into the AN/AWG-10B so that needs changing as well



cmano-db.com this technical data is pulled from 1978. mind you that the f4s was pulled from service in 1996 ( more than enough time to have the AWG10B and aim9L integrated into the platform )


gwa gwa gaijin hold my hand more america suffers, my p2w premium isnt OP enough, russian bias!.

See, that’s why I said they shoulda made a premium F-4J(S) and not an F-4S.
And yet, dogshit players still complain when their hand isn’t being held 99% of the time.

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Up it to 11.7 and add it then

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30G actually

I can take this one, if Kurnass 2000 is at 11.3 then F-4S with better radar and sparrow S at 11.7 like EJ kai is viable


with 0 flare resistance and range, cope harder

Cant speak for the radar but gaijin often limits what planes can carry for balance reasons. Easiest example is how the f16 cant carry every aam it can carry irl. They probably want to keep it at its current br and giving it better aams will move it up.

It is real PD, what evidence do you have to say otherwise?

Would be better posting here, Aircraft - War Thunder — official forum

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AWG-10 is the fire control system

APG-59 is the radar

The PD-HDN in-game is accurate. More accurately described as High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF). Early PD radars were less capable of tracking targets in beam and rear aspect.

All known integrations of the AWG-10 are present on the F4S as well. VTAS HMD, SEAM, Radar HMD, etc are all present features.


ill take it tbh

He means he doesn’t consider it real PD.