F4 EJ KAI need lower br

F4 EJ KAI have 11.7 and this is too much.
11.7 br not exist and always get 12.3 uptier this is a first problem.
And the 11.7 its a joke in air sim so the EJ KAI always play with F16 or MiG29s but this is just a phantom…

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we need BR 12.7 even 13.0, this is the problem, if the EJ Kai go to the BR11.3, it will destory the lower BR


I’d say just give it it’s AAM-3, the BR can stay, it’s already overtiered as it is, just give it something that enables it to fight in it’s BR.


no way! the harrier with AIM9M is in 11.7 but it only has 4 AIM9M, and EJ Kai can take another 4 AIM7F!

no, it’s fair. it’s still a phantom above all else. harrier got more than F-4E, in which it got fuckton of countermeasures.


The aim7 its a joke…

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The only phantoms that need moving are the British ones.

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however, AIM7F/M is the second best FOX2 in the game now




the problem comes for uptier but not EJ Kai itself :P

the problems the 11.7br in air sim and anyone who want to fly with that must play f4 vs mig29

That’s the same for all 11.3 and 11.7 jets…

Cry about the match maker instead.

no the f14 or the m2000 more better than f4

So? The British phantoms are also 11.3.

11.3 better then 11.7

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use APG59, use skyflash, replace J79 with Spee, and its in 11.3

Yes. And the EJ Kai is much better than the FGR.2, which is why it’s 11.7.

No, you’d also have to remove the 9Ls and wing slats…

EJK dont have it, at least it cant been used by manually operated

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