F16AM can carry Magic 2 missiles

It’s in the French tech tree, it should get French technology.
Is your argument that a plane in the French tech tree shouldn’t get French technology?

I most certainly don’t want an F-16 just for the sake of having an F-16.

Bro im not a developer therefore i’m not the guy you should try to convince.

F-16 shouldnt even be in French Tech tree in the first place, We have multiple domestic options but instead we recieved Benelux tree.

As i said before if you have concrete evidence then make a bug report, it will benefit me as well.

I don’t see the point to the resistance then. The more people that support it is more reason for the devs to pay attention to it.

If all it takes is for the citation that R.550’s are compatible with AIM-9 launchers then that’s not something that can be ignored without reason.

The current Block 15 should definitely carry the magic II and the AS-30L. SABCA demonstrated clearly that all Belgian versions at the time could carry the missiles. (SABCA built/assembled all Belgian F-16’s)

It’s documentation that’s hard to get.

Who said anything about resisting?

If you have concrete evidence then be my guest and do the bug report, personally i dont care if French F-16 recieves Magic-2 or not cus apart from Ground Rb im not gonna use that plane in the first place.

Especially considering Mirage2K-5F is gonna recieve 6MICA+2Magic-2 loadout.

the stupidest thing about it is that they say we know its different variant… so replace this copy paste with different variant? Like come on when i saw they had 2 BELGIAN f16 i thought it was obvious one being magic’d f16

My priority has been to prove the Magic-2/AIM-9 interchangeability. The Ministre des Armés has acknowledged the F-16 can carry Magic 2. I also found the name of the pilot as well if you didn’t already know him.
So it’s really not hard to prove AIM-9 ↔ Magic 2

Which, I gave myself a headache going through so much of the internet. 😵‍💫
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Yeah, I’ve also read the same articles as you did ;)

I really don’t understand where Gaijin got this ‘ocu 40’ thing from, as any Block 15 ocu should be able to get them, but I really can’t find any ‘first gen’ documentation that specifically States some ocu 40 model was the only thing capable of getting it.

I don’t remember seeing any such wording.

@Smin1080p @gromvoiny
Do you guys know the reasoning/sources for the naming?