F16A ADF BLK15s (AIM-120)

I was wondering will the F16A ADFs be getting AIM-120s at some point since they can carry them irl?




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Sorry for the ping but @Smin1080p do you by any chance know if there is any plans for this?

Don’t know about American ADF, but funny enough Italian one wasn’t even able to use AIM-7, because the equipment needed for them (like wires and etc) was removed (as stated in Italian sources).
Although the addition of AIM-120 would also mean the increase in BR, that’s why I think it’s also necessary to give it AIM-9M (or L/I, L/I-1 for Italy).


They should give the Italian one 9Ms put it to 12.7 and just give the US one AIM-120A (Italian one could get later AIM-120s since the U.S. one is a national guard F16 resulting in having older equipment) and put it at 12.3 (maybe 12.7 depending on how it performs). Also the source I sent in my original post says the Block 15 ADF was upgraded in 1989 to have the ability to carry AIM-120s. I used to have a picture of a U.S. national guard ADF with AIM-120s but can’t find it right now. I’m going to keep looking for it though.

I wonder if the F16A MLU is getting AIM-120

American ADF models did use and still using Aim-120 in service, thing is first model ADF’s didnt have ability to use Amraams and i suspect that is the version we have in game.

We will also recieve Aim-120’s for F-16C so no need to increase the ADF br, its a really good vehicle at 12.0


I meant idk if they retain ability to use Sparrows or not.

I would prefer F16A ADF to get them and it go up to 12.3 (maybe 12.7) along with the Italian F16A ADF. Also the whole point of the ADF upgrade in 1989 to my knowledge was to update systems and give the ability to carry AIM-120s.

We don’t use the BLK 15 ADF anymore it left service in either 2006 or 2007 I can’t remember the exact date.

Not exactly, ADF started to its life with Sparrows so it should stay at 12.0 with those armaments, it will be good F-16 platform to learn how real high tier works for new players before getting into Fox-3 meta.

ADF doesnt mean Block-15, i assume you know that.

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That’s why I specifically stated “BLK 15 ADF” since that’s the ADF we are talking about.

Agree to disagree? I’m not even saying it should be then this update but as more modern AIM-120s and other ARH missiles get added I would love for all the older aircraft that were upgraded irl to use AIM-120s get the older AIM-120 A/Bs

I mean yea, in the future gaijin can add Aim-120’s to ADF, or they can just add late model.

What im sayin is we should always have F-16 with Sparrow models, doesnt have to be ADF tho.

No. Late model aircraft when the existing aircraft can carry the munitions are dumb.

That was just an idea, doesnt have to become real.

In Italy’s case it really should be done since a major reason they got F-16s after the Tornado ADV lease was for AMRAAM.
But I know gaijin are going to say it needs to stay at 12.0 to occupy some BR bracket where they think Italy has to have a fighter, and consequently has to keep its Sparrows for that reason even though Italy didn’t use them on the F-16. Same as the F-4J(UK) is stuck with AIM-9Gs it never used.


They already have second fighter at 12.0, its the Hungarian Mig-29.

Dont see any reason why Italian ADF’s shouldnt recieve Aim-9M and Aim-120’s.


The Italian ADF should receive all that stuff now the U.S. ADF could wait a few updates maybe for aircraft to start getting AIM-120C-5 and stuff like R77-1?

Might be good option, tho USA will need another F-16 that can carry Sparrows which means Gaijin has to add new F-16 to the line.

I’m not suggesting taking away the Sparrows. Sparrows should be rank 1 mod with AIM-120 being rank 4. There is also other aircraft for players to learn how to use radar missiles from so it’s really not that big of a deal.

The thing is Aim-120’s will cause br increasing which means there will be no 12.0 F-16 with Sparrows in USA Tech tree.