F16 ADF Hardpoints

Hey all, I noticed the F-16 ADF can only fit sparrows on its innermost hardpoints, and lacks TWS.


States that “The AN/APG-66 radar on the Block 15 Fighting Falcons was provided with an early version of a track-while-scan mode for greater air defense capability.”

Here’s sparrows on the middle? pylons

Apparently also gear door sparrows? Might have been some test


Also AIM-120 capability (wingtip mounted) so that’s neat


Shouldn’t the F-16 ADF (AJ and MLU too) have 6x sparrow capability?

The wiring harnesses arent correct for AIM-7 firing on other hardpoints. Unfortunately this will not change. AMRAAM is a much lighter missile however, hence more hardpoint compatibility.

In the video shown, that was the YF-16. The YF-16 had gear door hardpoints for sparrows, but was ultimately removed when the final product was put into production. You were correct about it being a test.

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