F15A to "builder" of f15 and C variant to japan? wth?

So when fox 3 finally arrives, japan doesn’t even have to research new aircraft and spade it AND also gets new best IR missile but america just has to suck their thumb until C actually arrives with amraam and grind our ass up on it? Same goes to griffen C not coming to sweden as well. Why the hell does nation who did not build the vehicles are getting better versions? Oh and russia is also victim of this since germany has best mig29 varient. What the hell gaijin


Yeah the US really should get the F15C variant but as for japan it was either this or wait even longer to get a non paper to tier aircraft or be stuck with the EJ kai


U guys already have the F-16C to carry the AMRAAM, what are u on about?


Technically speaking F-15J needs upgrades to carry AMRAAM, so they could add it as separate aircraft. Also, while I’m not quite sure, I believe AMRAAM capability was part of the F-15A MSIP upgrade.


Play f16c


So basically the US doesn’t need to research a new jet to get AMRAAMs on both their F-15 and F-16 but Japan might have to just for the F-15 seeing as the F-2 is nowhere to be seen.

Anyways it can’t be as bad as the wait Israel had before it got any jet with decent Fox 1 capability

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Oh trust me Us will.

They will add F-15C as a seperate vehicle in order to force us to grind so we can get F-15 with Amraams, just like how they are doing to Sweden right now.


I mean I think that there should be Sparrow only versions of the F-15 in all trees personally, like the F-16A.

The US, Japan and Israel should all have to grind a new jet to get AMRAAMs.

But when it comes to the AMRAAM the F-16C will have to get it because there isn’t really a more modern F-16 to add to the US TT

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The F-15J that’s in-game is the Pre-MSIP, meaning it didn’t have the capability for Fox 3 missiles. They only used Sparrows and Sidewinders/AAM-3s initially. For Fox 3s, that was included with the MSIP upgrade which will most def be a separate aircraft.

As for the F-15A, the one in-game is the planned MSIP upgrade(be glad as well since the F-15A lacked countermeasures until that upgrade). This made the aircraft as capable as the Pre-MSIP F-15Cs. In fact, the F-15A MSIP is just slightly better than the F-15C pre-MSIP as the F-15A is lighter and thus slightly more maneuverable(unsure if that’s the way it is in-game ATM).

Because we don’t have Korean TT to add some F-15s to them.LMAO.

I see American mains not playing with the interesting and powerful vehicles on their own trees, but always staring at vehicles from other countries. If you are a Swedish main, I can understand your dissatisfaction with gaijin putting JAS39C in the British tree. After all, they lack powerful vehicles. But American tree?Is F-14s or F-16c not enough for you?

There were Pre-MSIP models upgraded to mount AIM-120 AMRAAM while the AAM-4 was in development. This was still not the MSIP upgrade as far as I’m aware.

So between the early Pre-MSIP F-15J with Sparrows amd the advanced MSIP F-15J with highly advanced AAM-4(B) and AAM-5(B) missiles can be another model that would mount AMRAAM, and be much more suited as an early Fox 3 platform. This would also help smoothen BR transitions in the long run.

I think they are, even though the current flight models seem very unfinished for both, there is a difference modeled due to the A models lower weight.

There could be F-15J kai,…

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Definitely agree the US should be getting the C variant this update alongside Japan and Israel. According to the community managers, they’re the same plane so I’m not really seeing the issue with doing so. Sounds like it would be a literal copy and paste of the Japanese variant.

Hopefully we see it get some Aim-7Ps and better 9M variants come in before this rather mediocre update goes live.

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US gets F-15A - Japan gets F-15J = Americans soiling their pants because the J is better even though it is not
alternative scenario that you propose:
US gets F-15C - Japan gets F-15J (MSIP) = Americans soiling their pants because the MSIP is better even though it is not

They literally said in the EN Dev Stream the Japanese F-15 is the best F-15 in the game…so your “they’re the same” statement here is incorrect.

But sure, I’ll take a variant with 120s and 9Xs then if that’s your suggested fix. Throw some TALDs while you’re at it.

It’s the best because of AAM-3s, not because it’s “MUH C VARIANT!!!”
The J might technically be a C, but it’s much closer to the A than the American C. It doesn’t even get the upgraded engines until the MSIP (that’s why I said the MSIP version is equivalent to the American C)

But sure, I’ll take a variant with 120s and 9Xs then if that’s your suggested fix.

Literally no one and nothing was suggesting that, not sure why you think hyperboles are supposed to make your argument better. If anything it just reinforces my previous comment about US players shitting their pants

Can we stop with the Woe is Me crap. Everybody trippin’ if they don’t have the absolute meta weapon system of the game. War is never balanced. Play with what you got.


Like how Japanese players was crying due to lack of proper jet fighters and forcing gaijin to add fictional F-16AJ.

Be glad Japan recieved best F-16 for a certain time and currently best F-15.

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Don’t disagree but man, you’d think the country that spends more on defense spending than every other nation in the game combined wouldn’t get gimped every time a new wave of new vehicles come to the game.

I get the humor is going to be lost here but at this point, not much you can do I guess. God forbid a portion of the playerbase can’t push back on what they fell is a bad move like other nation’s player base can.

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Like how Japanese players was crying due to lack of proper jet fighters and forcing gaijin to add fictional F-16AJ.

what does this even have to do with the F-15J, or the F-15 in general?