F15 Stock 9Ls

why does f15 comes with stock 9ls and why do we have to research useless 9ls while su27 comes with stock r73s is there any logic for this why can russian plane play with 6 r73 irccm missiles after 1 modification research

Because people whined about “AIM9M OP NERF” and then gaijin just made it a pain in the ass to get instead of nerfing it

heard the same story with r-73’s and they did not even add it then and now it just starts flatspinning itself and we got er instead and now people cry about it even harder even if flying low just negates it entirely

Russian bias. There is literally no reason to give one jet stock IRCCM missiles and one not other than:

Russian developer cope bias.

Thats it. There is no explaining away this fact. Give me 1 good reason why R-73 should be stock and Aim-9M not.