F15 impossible to balance?

It seems that the F15A is impossible to balance, isn’t it?

When you look at it, it’s already too late for the introduction of the F15A “King of the BVR”.

It certainly has excellent IR missiles, but the sparrows are outdated, making it an already obsolete aircraft against the SU27/Mirage4000/Vigen.

Its agility doesn’t work in its favor, because it’s supposed to be a bvr-accessible aircraft, except that today, sparrows are really outdated.

In fact, to be honest, it’s even a handicap compared with the F16C, which can carry 6 aim9Ms instead of just 4 on the F15.

The F15a should have been introduced either earlier, or as a premium, or whatever (much later).
The F15 should have been introduced with the fox3 missiles (aim 120a for example), even if it meant waiting until mid-2024.

I have the impression that we’ve reached a dead end with this aircraft, without its aim120s the F15 seems totally useless and it’s a shame to introduce it in this state for an end-of-year major update.

To sum up, I think that the F15 without aim120s is useless and that, as it stands, adding aim120s to it would be too strong.

A bit like having your ass between two chairs

What do you think about this?


I’m pretty sure that F-15A will be dead on arrival. Gaijin will probably add an F-15C with the Fox-3 missiles.

Hey, at least you guys get something. Don’t forget about italy :/


Calling AIM-7Ms “outdated” lol
Legit one of the best SARHs ever made, only replaced by ARMAAM B forward.
It’s going to be great.


Not every new top tier US aircraft must be meta. Is the F15A going to be a harder jet to fly, especially in the furball that is ARB. Probably. Gunna be a god tier aircraft in SB though. But the point is, you got it. Just a reminder that whilst most nations have been DOA at top tier for quite a while, the US has remained meta with a new aircraft every single update. Several nations are only now, in the coming update, getting anything higher than 11.7.

I’m sure the US will have F15Cs with AMRAAM by March, just for the next 3 months, youll have to settle with being the second best nation in game. (Assuming you ignore the F16C)


If only we had good radar mechanics instead of bullshit that consists of APG-68 loosing it’s lock from 10 km away because of a see-through cloud in the open sky.

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You guys really need to play Sim and expand your horizons. Much more aircraft are useful in that arena.

It’s obsolete. In the game the Aim-7M is just a 7F reskin, it loses lock easily, goes ballistic a lot of the time and just explodes mid air, and paired with the current F-15A radar that loses lock very easily, it’s just a bad missile.


I think that if we give the F-15A its AN/APG-63 PSP radar (which i really don’t know why it doesn’t have it already) with the Aim-7MH it can become pretty competitive in BVR. Also, the new changes to the flight model are actually good, it definitely stands a chance in a dogfight with a lot of aircrafts.


So what about everyone else who can’t compete in the BVR? We still have nations where their top aircraft get skyflash, or a poorly performing derivative of it.

And Italy.


Maybe those nations just can’t have anything added for now. Gripen,Mirage 2000, Tornado and some F-16’s only proper BVR missile is the Aim-120 or MICA, so sadly those nations will have to wait for the Fox 3 era to come. For now USA has still some options for SARH missiles, so i really don’t see a reason not to add them.

Don’t get me wrong i 100% agree with you, every nation should be able to compete in BVR, but we’ll have to wait the Fox 3s for that to happen sadly.

AIM-7 isn’t the thing that loses locks, radars are.
And Su-27’s only gets worse compared to F-15’s radar.

That and WVR is the player-defined meta currently due to people prioritizing survival.

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A lot of the time, even if you keep the lock, the Aim-7M will go rogue and explode mid air even if the target is flying straight towards you. It pulls 25G which isn’t much for the current R-27ER meta. Even if the Su-27 had a “bad” radar, the R-27ER has datalink, it doesn’t explode the second you lose lock.


Of course not, because it’s not the most powerful aviation in the world by a long, LONG, EXTREMELY LONG shot, nope.

So this is basically about a projection of the suffering of other nations onto what is the world’s leading superpower recognized by its armed forces? That is not a fair argument.

When basically everyone will also have AMRAAMs, it will not make a substantial diffrence, so it’s not a compelling point.


The thing that worries me, is that everywhere on these forums where people talk about AMRAAMs… I see that the 120A and B are actually even worse than the 27ER… So, if they bring those in, with the ER and the R77 and stuff like that… It’s going to be an extreme pain in the ass to play… Honestly, the 120A/B could have come with the 27ER from everything I’m reading about it compared to the 7M


This is sort of my thought as well. In comparison to what is being added across the board (and not say to those nations aren’t deserving of their aircraft because some of them absolutely need something), the F-15A does seem DOA. And that we will most likely see a much more viable variant like the C come in an update or two (unfortunately).

If they give it a better load out before pushing it out into Live, like newer 9Ms and Aim-7Ps, then that will help a bit. But I’m willing to bet we will have to wait for a C with 120As and 120Bs.

So because the US is the biggest military in the world, it is required to be the best nation in the game and all other nations are required to suffer?

Though, it has been proven time and time again that Europes militaries whislt a lot smaller, often field better vehicles, just in much smaller quantities.


It’s only recently that Europe got “better” 4th gen fighters, and it was already said that they are nowhere near coming right now. They would obviously be too OP for now.

Also hoping they give the F-15A two starting 9Ms instead of 9Ls. Bit wild that it’ll have to contend with the Su-27 with stock R-73s.


Yep… They outperform all but the 5th gens.

Though even other fourth gens, the Blue Vixen in the Sea Harrier outperforms even “heavy” radars in equivalent era F-15s for example.