F111A Crosshairs Misaligned. Landing shots IMPOSSIBLE

The F111’s crosshairs (only when in 3rd person view) are misaligned from the bullet path by over 10 degrees. The 1st-person gunsight is aligned properly, and the bullets pass straight through its center. Notice how in the first screenshot, the bullets are angled down incorrectly relative to the gunsight (3rd person). Notice how in the second screenshot, the bullets pass straight through the reticle properly (1st person).

The F-111’s gun is angled 10deg downwards. The 1st person gunsight accounts for this. The 3rd-person gunsight does not. When in the normal (3rd person) viewing mode, not a single one of the F-111s bullets come even close to the gunsight, making shots impossible. This is like shooting a gun, and having the crosshairs be 10 degrees above where the bullet should hit. YOU CANNOT HIT TARGETS WITHOUT AN ALIGNED CROSSHAIRS. When you aim the F111’s crosshairs towards the sky, you will hit yourself in the FOOT if you fire.

It’s been MONTHS since this issue went noticed by players. For months this plane has been rendered UNPLAYABLE because of this. This is an extremely simple fix.

Please fix this bug, or please label this post “NOT A BUG” if I am wrong. Go test it out! If you can hit even a SINGLE SHOT, I would love to see it.

Check out the bug report here: Community Bug Reporting System