F111 question

Ok it’s more of a question to the f111 series,
Have any aardvarks gotten any arh or sarh missiles
Also have they had aim 9x’s or any ir missile that can shred g’s

The short answer is yes, they have had many variants that had many different weapon systems.

The long answer is here: General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark - Wikipedia

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No F-111 ever operationally carried SARH or ARH missiles, nor AIM-9X.
The prototype naval F-111B carried AIM-54As, but only 7 were made and it never entered service.
The F-111D was designed for the YAIM-7G, but while the D entered service the YAIM-7G didn’t.
The F-111F, C AUP, and potentially E all carried AIM-9Ms which were the most advanced AAM carried by Varks.

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Aardvark with AIM-9X 💀

F-111D & AIM-7G

Contains some interesting info on the pairing - AIM-7 Sparrow | Page 3 | Secret Projects Forum

Raytheon and GD received funds to develop the systems and build prototype hardware required to integrate the missiles but in the event it remained little more than a paper project. The missile variant was cancelled before it’s carrier aircraft was finished so the two never met, although the associated radar modifications were retained so not entirely wasted effort.

Tbh it wouldn’t be the stupidest thing the us has done lol

And probably the only reason they didnt was because it was retired before Aim-9X entered service. No idea about the RAAF F-111s, if they ever recieved upgraded AAMs though.

But its not unreasonable to assume they would have done if the F-111 remained in service till the early 2000s. Tornado IDS’s recieved ASRAAM or IRIS-T