F104/Spotting system

The F104A starfighter is a 9.3 supersonic jet which can face 8.3s which can do nothing against it. This is incredibly unbalanced and unhealthy for the game state as it is being harshly abused and the early jet matchmaker has become constant upteirs and the aircraft at 8.3/8.7 cannot keep up in performance and speed with this aircraft. The same goes for the mig-19. They are way too underteired for their performance and paired with the terrible cloud spotting system, it is a recipe for disaster if you aren’t abusing these aircraft. This is due to you not even being able to see the enemy as they are not spotted until you are dead or sometimes never, even after the killcam pops up. This is just blatantly unfair yet again and its made many decent aircraft at the BRs below it, extremely unenjoyable and boring to play.

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We just need a ton of decompression above 8.7. The F-104 and Mig-19 aren’t good at 9.7 because all you get are upteirs against very good missiles.

I 100% agree that they should go up, but only when proper decompression occurs.

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