F/A-18 Hornet (Legacy): History, Performance & Discussion

Sure, the Hornet leads at lower speeds, from about 300-350 knots the F-15 leads, but depending on pilots, a good F-15 pilot can beat the Hornet at low speeds and vice versa.


How an F-15 pilot can beat a Hornet at slow speeds.
The F-15 has good nose authority, has good alpha and is stable, predictable . But the Hornet is far superior here. So how can an F-15 pilot beat a Hornet pilot at slow speeds? The difference is in the thrust of the engines An example is that if both pilots let themselves withdraw to lower speeds, the F-15 can accelerate faster in maneuvers and use the energy gained in the vertical, the F-15 loves the vertical. Thus the Hornet is beaten by higher thrust and better climb rate. But if an F-15 pilot can’t do that, he’ll be beaten very quickly.

Found more information about the stores management page in the aviation ordnanceman manual, and did a quick reconstruction of what it would look like in the game.

Since some features are currently omitted for the sake of gameplay, so I’ve merged some page-specific elements with others to provide as much information as possible.

Also, for weapon type acronyms, I’ve excluded those known from other flight sims but not mentioned in official documents.


1. Gun ammo count
2. Gun air-to-ground mode option:

  • CCIP
  • MAN (manual)

3. Loaded ammunition type:

  • M50 (M53 API and M56 HEI)

4. Gun fire rate option:

  • HI (6000 rpm)
  • LO (4000 rpm)
Air-to-air missile selected

1. Air-to-air missile symbol
2. Loaded missile type:

  • 9L (AIM-9L)
  • 9M (AIM-9M)
  • 7M (AIM-7M)
  • 7H (AIM-7MH)
  • 7P (AIM-7P)

3. Number of air-to-air missiles: dual missile pylons only
4. Selected air-to-air missile station:

  • L (left)
  • R (right)

5. Air-to-air missile status:

  • SEL (selected)

6. Loaded AIM-7 missile type

Air-to-ground missile selected

1. Loaded air-to-ground missiles: boxed and marked RDY when selected
2. Loaded air-to-ground missile type:

  • HPD (AGM-84D)
  • HARM (AGM-88)

3. Number of air-to-ground missiles
4. Air-to-ground missile status: boxed when selected

Bombs selected

1. Loaded bombs: boxed and marked RDY when selected
2. Loaded bomb type:

  • 82B (Mk 82)
  • 82X (Mk 82 Snakeye)
  • 83B (Mk 83)
  • 83X (Mk 83 AIR)

3. Number of bombs
4. Bomb status: boxed when selected
5. Mechanical fuzing options:

  • NOSE
  • TAIL
  • N/T (nose and tail)
  • LDLY (long delay)

6. Electric fuzing options:

  • OFF
  • VT (proximity)
  • INST (instantaneous)
  • DLY 1 (delay 1)
  • DLY 2 (delay 2)

7. Drag options:

  • FF (free fall)
  • RET (retarded)

8. Quantity of selected weapon
9. Ripple quantity of selected weapon


NAVEDTRA 12308 (1990)

NAVEDTRA 14313 (2001)


Legacy Hornet is long overdue. US get’s many variants, Sweden can get the Finnish one.
UK can get either CF-18 or an Aussie one, Germany can get a Swiss one, and both need something before the Eurofighter comes


F/A-18 this update

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I think it’s going to be tough at RB

Just so they can whine it doesn’t have A2G ordnance? Nah, I’d rather Germany get nothing.

Still, Germany needs something better than AMRAAM-Phantom. Typhoon looks pretty far away, so there are not many options.

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But F-4F KWS LV don’t want IRIS-T

EF-2000 Typhoon coming to germany tech tree in 2025 or 2026 ?

But I’m not surpriced located after F-4F KWS-LV

Ah, no other options

They have CAS in the form of the Tornado (its rubbish, I know).

The issue is A2A anyway plus grinding out the Typhoon with a Mig-29 or an F-4F ICE sounds like hell.

In this case the most reasonable and best option is a Swiss F-18 and really Germany could get a swiss ground tree with a standalone F-18 for the air tree like Britain has with South Africa.

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Germany needs a Swiss one tbh. They are pretty well screwed until the EFT comes to the game and I doubt that will come any time soon