F-86k radar scope not working in the cockpit

So i wanted to use the f-86k in simulator mode without the hud but i couldt not use the radar because the radar scope in the cockpit Is non functional, i wanted to ask if yall can fix It on the next Major update,the same problem Is on the f-3d

Its so sad to see the only f-86 with a radar ingame to have this problem and its dissapointing and very unrealistic

authenticity and functionality are paramount for delivering an immersive experience. Considering your desire to utilize the radar independently of the HUD in simulator mode, addressing the non-functional radar scope in the F-86K cockpit emerges as a tangible and practical upgrade. Here’s a grounded approach to enhancing the F-86K

  • Recognizing the significance of the radar scope as a critical component of the F-86K’s avionics suite, efforts will be directed towards restoring its functionality.
  • With the radar scope operational, users like yourself can engage in simulation scenarios where reliance on HUD displays is minimized, offering a more authentic piloting experience akin to real-world conditions.
  • Beyond mere functionality, emphasis will be placed on designing an intuitive user interface that allows seamless interaction with the radar scope.
  • Whether it’s adjusting settings, scanning for targets, or interpreting radar data, the interface will be crafted to facilitate ease of use, enabling users to harness the full potential of the F-86K’s radar capabilities within the confines of simulator mode.

By prioritizing the restoration of the radar scope’s functionality and ensuring a user-friendly interface, the F-86K simulation experience can be elevated to new heights of realism and engagement. With these practical upgrades, enthusiasts like yourself can delve deeper into the intricacies of aerial combat, all while piloting a historically significant aircraft in its most authentic form.

Heres a picture about the radar scope not working

do you do sim on the computer or vr headset? and if so do you use mouse and key board? and if so do you have tips of how to do it effectively? xD

I usually play SIM with this

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