F-86k (8.7?)

Should this be moved down to 8.7? It seems appropriate.

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Too OP, 9.7 seems more appropriate. )))))))

It’s perfect at 9.0, and Mig-17 is slightly inferior to it despite being 9.0 itself.


MiG-17 is a superior aircraft to the F-86K in War Thunder.

F-86K out-dogfights & out-energies Mig-17 in War Thunder.
All Mig-17 can do is have a slightly higher top speed.


Nope. Bad take.

You’re more than welcome to 1v1 me when I get my F-86K spaded.

I have both jets but, If they were to engage in a TSS-style duel, the F-86K have no chance of killing the MiG-17.

Ofc It doesn’t mean F-86K should be 8.7.

Not to mention the F-86F-2 and CL-13B

9.0 one is CL-13A Mk.5 btw

Yes, the one with AIM-9B (like the F-86K) is 9.3

TSS? What is that

What about them?

What does this have to do with it?

Tournaments in War Thunder.

Well then my response is that not only in duels, but in air RB in general the F-86K isn’t as viable.

I play this thing since it was 9.3BR but, don’t see any problems for sitting at 9.0.

Guns nerf was big oof but, iirc, F-86K is literally faster than CL so, since there are still top speed meta in 9.0BR and lower, no need to move it to 8.7BR in light of decent top speed and x2 AIM-9B.

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F-86K isn’t faster than the CL13A or CL13B in most circumstances. It’s just not a very competitive 9.0 and fits in better at 8.7. F-86K also can’t turn at all which kills it because uptiers everything is faster anyway.

There are many 8.7s with similar top speeds and AIM-9Bs are not special at 8.7

On deck, the top speeds are almost the same, but as the altitude increases, the F-86K is faster than the CL-13A. And of course, it is much faster than the F-2 Sabre and F-40 Sabre. And the main difference between CL-13 and F-86K is the gun and weight.

Even though fire rate has been nerfed, it is still basically an F-2 gun and functions as a death laser most of the time unlike 50cals. It is a bit of a trade-off of better guns or better maneuverability.

The G.91R/4 is much slower than the F-86K/CL-13A, and the A-4B/A-4E bleeds speed extremely faster in one circle turn also, still slower than Sabres. FJ-4B is literally fatter than A-5 Sabre.

The only 8.7BR aircraft with AIM-9Bs far faster than the F-86K is the Scimitar as far as I know, but it turns like Hunter and has a broken rudder.

You want to see F-86K has same BR with regular Sabres even it is literally better at all except tunrate?

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It isn’t better. Your comments in my opinion are mostly wrong here regarding nuance and actual performance. The F-86K rarely shines in any scenario due to it being strictly inferior to anything above it in BR while only being a tiny bit (yes a tiny bit) faster than the other sabres at any given altitude.