F-5A should get lower BR

the chinese F-5A should go to 10.3, my reasoning is because its very similiar to the USA premium F-5C, the starts are basically the same with the only difference being the missiles they carry with F-5A having AIM-9Ps. this shouldnt warrant a 0.4 BR increase as there are stronger missiles at the same BR or lower, most notible being the AIM-9L, R60/M/MK, MAGICS etc. and the F-5C carries AIM-9Es which are stats are comparable difference being the G-load limit and guidance time but otherwise the same.
another thing to note is the F-5A being the exact same BR as the F-5E which is insane, the F-5E has BETTER engines, BETTER arnaments (AGM-65B’s, 30mm gunpod etc)
so, the F-5A should go to 10.3 or at least the F-5C should go to 10.7. any comments and suggestions would help this thread and i hope action is taken sooner or later

It’s just compression. F-5E is now 10.7 (terrible decision) which means the F-5A (china) can’t be 10.7 otherwise it is just worse than the F-5E. That said, it is also a bad idea, in fact a WORSE IDEA, to move the chinese F-5A down to stomp all 9.3-10.3s as the F-5 already does but now with 20g missiles.


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also this