F-5 ussr

Hello everyone. What do you think about the F-5E for the USSR? Would you like it to be added to the game?

A brief history of it: The Americans wanted to test their fighters for the first time in Vietnam, before sending the aircraft to Vietnam, the Americans put the aircraft on alert and on the night of October 23, 1965, a unit armed with them flew across the Pacific Ocean, with two refueling flights from a KS-135 tanker to Bien Hoa base in South Vietnam. We arrived and after 5 hours the first F-5 flew out on combat missions. In total, the South Vietnamese received at least 118 F-5Es. Then 10 years later, in April 1975, South Vietnamese Air Force Lieutenant Nguyen Thanh Trang flew on a combat mission and bombed the presidential palace in Saigon, after which he flew to one of the airfields captured by Viet Cong (his enemy) and was killed, and the plane was hijacked. After that, when there was almost nothing left of the South Vietnamese Air Force, 26 F-5s flew from Da Nang to the Thai Utapao airfield. Viet Cong received 87 F-5A/B and 27 F-5E as trophies. Some of them entered service with several mixed squadrons, which also had MiG-21s. Due to a shortage of spare parts, the number of combat-ready Tigers was constantly decreasing and by 1978 all fighters of this type were concentrated in the 935th Fighter Aviation Regiment based in Da Nang.
The Vietnamese handed over several captured aircraft to the USSR, Poland and Czechoslovakia, where they underwent a comprehensive assessment and testing (that is, the aircraft flew in the USSR and even passed combat tests).


  • Yes, I would like to see him in the game
  • I’ll just say no.
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Only if I get all the Soviet/Russian aircraft the US owns in return.


Does it come with a Mig-28 camo that’s not limited edition? XD



Since the U.S. is supposedly getting a Trophy T-90A, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be allowed, there are plenty of captured U.S. Equipment to choose from like the M109s, the A-37 Dragonfly and F-111 sent from Vietnam etc



I swear, if the USSR gets the A-37 before the US does, imma cry

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I think we need more country specific planes and not give every nation basically the same aircraft, when there are domestic options. It is bad enough for the parts, where there are no domestic options and only foreign bought planes and stuff.


I completely agree with you. In general, the topic was originally created simply as a fact and a bit of historical information about the F-5E in the USSR

Sure, and USA can get Mig-29 and T-90A. /s


I just hate when a country lose its unique vehicles its like F-4 F-16 F-15 leo2a4 game feels like an arcade mess I don’t like to spend time on a techtree to get an amazing vehicle and then I see a copy of it in another techtree fighting me

I would be fine with this, but only if the US and Israeli trees also recieved the captured Mig-21F-13 both evaluated heavily (though the Israeli tree actually outfitted it with weapons and intended to use it in combat).

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If this was a proper suggestion perhaps.

Bruh to you. It is more real than sweden having t-80u or MI-28. Or german MIG-29 with R-27ER it never had. Or literally F-16AJ


The difference is, is that it adds something to those nations. Japan wouldn’t have had a top tier jet without the AJ.

However, any of the major nations shouldn’t get captured vehicles because there are probably better domestic ones you can get. Plus, we need trees to stay unique, and not have lots of non-domestic stuff.

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So sweden can have unique MI-28A they never owned, while USSR doesnt have it in the game, but USSR F-5 is too much?


Yes I want this on the soviet tree. Because this is the only way they will nerf it’s FM

Aside that, this plane was actually used a lot by the ussr. I think russia still has them operational

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If the Soviet get this then i better see Su-27 in the US tt and Mig-29s in British tt

Lmao pilot’s name is Nguyen Thanh Trung, not Nguyen Thanh Trang, and also he still alive and being a national hero lol, he’s agent of NVA, and in 1975 in a Saigon’s combat mission, he turned back and attack presidential palace and a fuel dump, then landed at a NVA’s airfield, joining NVA’s airforce formally