F-4F (late) the 100th take

So the F-4F at 10.7 is facing Aim-9G 9H and 9L but cant have its 9L it shuld have?
You guys are so into historical accuracy that it cant have its tripple Maveric mount but the missle is fine?

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The F-4F is already one of the best 10.7 aircraft giving it all aspect missiles would cause it to instantly be put to 11.3 and be completely useless a lot of german aircraft dont recieve 9L for balance reasons

Why is it always people that vehemently refuse to play another nation that come out with the absolute worst takes possible as far as i cant tell you just want 9Ls and for it to stay at 10.7 because you want easy free kills without trying


Why would the F-4F get 9Ls at 10.7 to face 9.7s with?


What exactly were you trying to prove with that screenshot? Because that makes it seem pretty bad, if you have roughly a 0.53K/D in it against air targets

He presumably plays it ground RB as well?

Those aren’t my stats, see if you had basic reading comprehension you’d realise what i was saying so ill spell it out for you

Falaxion here is bad at the game as such he made this thread whining about how bad the F-4F is (it isn’t its incredibly good) and how he wants it to recieve 4x all aspect missiles on an 11.3 equivalent airframe that sits at 10.7


Do you have any reason to instantly try insulting someone?

Yeah you dont understand how to play the plane effectively, you only play one nation so you have no experience in other aircraft at the tier which are worse than the F-4F and you’re whining on the forum to get it buffed just so you can actually manage 1 kill a game without dying, im of course going to call you bad because instead of learning the game you just ask for buffs to make yourself better artificially


I am not the one that made this discussion, what are you talking about? I also play the brits, swedish, israelis and french air. And last time I checked, I wasnt asking for the F-4F Late to get AIM9Ls here. Besides, with them it would go up to 11.0 anyway. But still nice try

F-4F with 9Ls would be 11.3 going by everything gaijin says.

Yeah im just using your level of reading comprehension against you by ignoring basic facts in a post clearly you couldn’t understand that either


The Kurnass 2000 is also 11.3 with 6 AIM9Ls or Python 3s, whichever you prefer, additional countermeasures and a much better radar (although that makes barely any difference without radar missiles). The Kurnass 2000 also gets Pavespike with GBUs for CAS

I was simply asking a question, because I assumed, that you were showing your statcard to show that the F-4F Peace Rhein is great, meanwhile the statcard showed pretty poor stats in it. From the screenshot I couldnt tell it was someone elses statcard

I forgot about that. Still, gaijin thinks giving the FG.1 9Ls would make it a definitive 11.7 so dont underestimate them

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