F-4F KWS LV dev thread

The F-4F KWS LV aka The F-4F ICE

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The current implementation of the F-4F KWS LV is incredibly disappointing.

At 12.7, it has NO IRCCM missile, no AIM-9Li, not even AIM-9M. The Tornado F.3 Late gets more countermeasures, AIM-9M and AIM-120Bs at the same 12.7 BR, how is this fair?.

Also, where is the AGM-65Ds and AGM-65Gs? they’ve been acknowledged by Gaijin over a year ago. The F-4F KWS LV has the exact same ground load out of AGM-65Bs as the F-4F Late while being 1.4 BR/4 BR steps higher.

Lastly, what is a phantom supposed to do when everyone inevitably learns how to counter Fox-3s (it’s only reason being at 12.7)? Camp the airfield? Be a free RP piñata?

To sum the issues of the F-4F KWS LV being at 12.7:

  • Worst flight performance
  • No IRCCM missiles
  • No HMD
  • Below average countermeasure count
  • Subpar A2G weaponry

In it’s current state, what BR should the F-4F KWS LV be?

  • 12.0
  • 12.3
  • 12.7
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Thanks to @Godvana, @Texas_Engineer_Mike, @MBDA_Meteor, @Dontkev

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Its clearly 12.7 content HAHAHA


Should be 12.7 with 9Li and Mav D/G’s.
Or 12.3 without.


Hey…at least it…uhhhh

I got nothing. I’ve waited for this jet for years…I’m pretty sad about it now.

Edit: F-4F ICE Upgrades - Germany - War Thunder - Official Forum this was back in march 2023…didn’t think it would take this long to get the ICE(they could have given it aim-7s to use as placeholders until AMRAAMs came out)


Wondering why they didn’t just add a KWS with Sparrows like they did with the Gripens lol


Considering this is how they have it now, I think you’re right.

in that regard remember, there is differentiated brs for air and ground now


I for one would not have minded that at all. I know some people would’ve been like “it cant carry sparrows!!!” but that happens every time. Could’ve gotten it in while ahead but here we are I guess.


indeed, my point being i think it should match the late tornado for br if it has the correct ordinance.

Should stay at 12.7 with AIM-120


nice we can agree to that, realy the tornado has 2 less missles, but capability wise the f4f is so much worse


I tend to be one of those people, but I also wasn’t expecting it to be so wrong with its implementation here. If anything I was expecting 9Li’s/9Ms as a minimum, and IRIS-T if it was going to sit at top BR


Yeah its going to be horrendously underpowered in close in combat.
Idk about BVR though we’ll have to wait till it actually shows up… but I don’t have high hopes.

TBH the J-8F is probably going to fare similar, but in A2A its even worse with 2 less missiles and a worse radar.
Idk what they were smoking when they decided this was the course of action they wanted to take

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I think it stays exactly where it should be

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just saying, but the mig 21 bison with r77 is 12.0


He’s not with R-77


fair enough, thats boring then, misremembered that still r73 and r27 at 12.0

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Exactly, the former is 100% how it should be in game

Definitely could be moved down to 11.0 WHEN STOCK.
But when AIM-120’s are researched it should definitely go up to 12.7.
If the AV-8B AND Sea Harrier FA.2 are at 12.3 then there’s no reason why the ICE (which is better in every way) shouldn’t stay under 12.0.
If there was split BR’s AGAIN for spaded and stock then the ICE should be at the same BR as the normal F-4F if not slightly higher because of the better missiles. And the FA.2 should be at the same BR as the FRS.1 because it is the exact same aircraft without ARH missiles.