F-4EJ Phantom has too high br

I think that F-4EJ has too high br for it, because F-4E in USA research tree has 11.0 and F-4EJ got same br and got same flight model and AIM-9 rockets (because AIM-9J and AIM-9P got same flight model), but japanese phantom got no AIM-7E2 (DF) and no AGM or GBU. That is literally same plane without missiles and guided bombs, so i think that is reason to reduce br for japanese F-4. And please fix mistake that same plane with same power of it’s engine has different parameters in it’s info.
F-4E (USA) missiles
F-4EJ (Japan) missiles and bombs


Yes I agree it can probably go down to 10.7 (assuming it doesn’t get AIM-9Ls or AAM-2s) but that is the minimum it can go because the EJ in a downtier can be pretty good still. But i do agree that a worse phantom is at the same BR for practically no reason. If it does get those 2 missile i mentioned then it can stay at 11.0.


I’d say yea, it’s objectively the worst phantom, no maneuver slats, mid BVR missiles.
Well, besides the F-4C but that thing is also kinda suffering. 10.7 should be a thing for it, or it could stay as is if top tier moves to 12.3 ( that’s a PLEASE btw)

It should stay at 11.0, there’s no way the 9.7s should see this. 10.7 gets nearly constant downtiers.

9.7 is AV-8, it got flares, aim-9G and engines, that can accelerate it to 700km per hour for 10 sec, and you think that F-4EJ will too strong? But it must suffer vs Mig-29, F-16, F-14 without PD radar, and normal radar missiles and got no guided bombs and rockets for destroy ground vehicles.

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AV8 is undertiered for whatever reason. It used to not have flares, and the missiles used to be worse, made sense to sit on 9.7. Then all that was changed, but the BR stayed.

So what plane can suffer if F-4EJ will 10.7?

Everything, because its straight up faster than any other 10.7 and below bar the Kfir Canard, it has a great gun which is internal, decent enough missiles. It would be the best 10.7 in the game instantly even with its shortcomings. This thing flies in a straight line above the rip speed of a Mig21.

If you don’t see something like that as a problem at 10.7, I dunno.

Not to mention, you get mostly paired with the US as Japan, who already have a ridiculously strong 10.7-10.3 bracket

at 10.7 there is the F-4F which is not only lighter but has better performance and has agile eagle which makes it the most maneuverable Phantoms at 10.7 and also has AIM-9Js and flares, the only thing it doesn’t have is sparrows so performance wise there are already comparable jets at that BR if not better. mean while the EJ has nothing going for it no Agile eagle, old bad radar, AIM-9Ps, and AIM-7Es are nowhere near as good as the E2s i think it would be fine.

Ofc they can also just keep expanding BRs which would be better or give the the EJ better IRs missile it can get.


Unlike math, 2 negatives doesn’t make it positive.

F4F Late is slower though than the F4EJ. But yes, that shouldn’t sit on 10.7 either.

The whole problem is the BR compression… from 8.3 up its just bad balance very often. A lot of 9.7s/10.0s have no way of really fighting a good pilot in a 10.7. Same is true for flying 11.0s and you need to face the 11.7s-12.0s that will just rock your shit with either armament or straight up flight performance.

Just asking for downtiers because of facing a lot of uptiers (when it comes to the 11.0s) isn’t a good solution though. I truly hope at some point they’ll make some cutoffs between BRs, in a way have multiple “top tier” brackets

The reason why the EJ is indicated to have a higher top speed on the stat card is because it lacks the agile eagle slats
The EJ has around ~50km/h higher top speed than the E at sea level

There are so few 9.7s in the game, and they can deal with these aircraft just like the F-4Cs. Saying there’s no way they can see these is stupid. The MiG-21bis is the same BR as the F-4E, EJ, and ADTW and if far more effective as a fighter due having 6 R-60Ms!!! I play it all the time and it cooks plenty of things at the 11.0 br range ESPECIALLY F-4Es.