F-4EJ ADTW need more secondary weapons(e.g AIM-7E-2) for balance in 11.0

F-4EJ-ADTW(JP) compare the original ( F4E US)version ,missing AIM-7E-2 and AGM/GBU , compare with F-4J(UK) AB/RB 11.0 its radar / loadout/engine /Reward ,There are drawbacks almost everywhere,i dont think F4 EJ-ADTW in 11.0 is reasonable,With the current data at 10.7 should be more reasonable, and help the sale at least not make people want refunds


You do know the F4J(UK) (or to use its IRL name, the Phantom F3) is 11.3 and we’d kill for it to be 11.0. Its also got ahistorical weapons loadouts. Should have Aim-9L, never had Aim-9G as far as I am aware IRL. It also has the same engines as most of the other phantoms. Only the FGR2 and FG1 have the upgraded Spey engines.

Phantom FGR2 should also have AGM-12s among other things.


I have a lot of planes in the game, but the premium Japanese jet F-4EJ Phantom II ADTW is very bad for BR 11.0, as there are many other planes better than it at this level, if you look at the Gaijin store rating it is at a very low 2.87, one of the vehicles with the lowest score in the store, this shows that a lot of people don’t enjoy playing with it either… I believe this can be reversed if you lower your BR to 10.3 or 10.7. … see the example of the premium F-4S Phantom II USA, which is well rated in the store for having weapons suitable for its BR…


Yeah! I´m angry, very angry. Thys plane is completely scrap, very expensive scrap - 70 Eur!!! Rockets=absolutely s****. Sorry, but yes. This plane is for 11 BR totaly weak. Gimme better rockets, or downtier for 10.3. :/

Two things they could do for ADTW add AAM-2 and move it to 10.7

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