F-4C/E/F Missing Countermeasures

The F-4C/E are iconic aircraft both irl and in game, however they are missing a core feature of their combat load, the AN/ALE-38 pod, which allows for the dispensing of 210 chaff per pod.

This pod could be carried by all Phantoms in game, from the aforementioned F-4C/E to the EJ/EJ Kai/Kurnass and most impact-fully, the F-4F, which could use extra CMs in the radar heavy matches at top tier.

Bug report for the F-4C/E: Community Bug Reporting System

Bug report for the F-4F: Community Bug Reporting System

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Sounds a lot like the Phimat pod currently missing from the Tornado, Jaguar and a few others. Definetly the big hope to be added now we have the Split CMs. Not that they’ve done much in that department yet.


Certainly a shame those pods are added, and the BOZ pod is missing all its chaff!

It was the the first thing I checked when the patch dropped, according to @Smin1080p the BOZ was a large reason in adding separated CMs in the first place, and its not in game!


Sacrificing 2xAim-9l for this is a worthy investment especially since the f-4f mostly relies on the AMRAAMs


Chaff pods “missing” means nothing really.
As for F-4F ICE… you’d have to prove the new avionics support it.
Same with EJ Kai.

nothing in the way of countermeasures was changed as the same control lines used for the pylon pods are used for these, and as such, no issue with compatibility arises, i dont know about the EJ Kai though, maybe a Japanese enth can help more on that topic

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