F-22 Raptor

Even considering the simplicity of an air intake, the result remains that the total RCS is reduced between identical shapes by a factor above 100.

How is it that RAM reduces intake RCS by such a factor; yet total RCS cannot be reduced by a factor above 10? Are intakes so insignificant in generating radar returns that applying RAM and radar blockeds to them on one aircraft and leaving them bare on another of identical shape will not reduce the total RCS by a large amount?

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Not feasible because there’d be no way to accurately depict this vehicle without completing outmatching every other tech tree.

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find the sources that I have given above and read

Are you stupid? I am saying the F-22 outperforms every other nation’s aircraft. I’m saying the F-22 cannot be put into Warthunder because if it was realistic. By the time the Mig-29 even realized it was there a AAM has already smacked into it. No other tech tree would be able to put up a fighter that compares. Thats what im saying.

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There is nothing supernatural about the F-22. Of the Unique, I will note the Power Plant with the F-119 Engine. A really interesting engineering solution

Better than anything Russia has churned out. The cross-section of the F-22 and F-35 is incredibly small even at close ranges. Of course its not perfect and it can still be detected but it beats the Su-54 any day of the week. Su-54’s cross sections is .1 m2 while the F-22 has one of .0001 m2. The 54 wont even be able to detect it with onboard radar before a AIM-120D annihilates it.

Depends on the fight and what they were willing to give others. German typhoons did quite well in WVR against F22s and whilst it was fairly one sided in BVR, British typhoons have IRST that might change the outcome and they are getting a new radar too. Besides, if we ever get to that point. We’re still probably going to be on the same sized maps, so the very long range BVR advantage the F22 would have would be inherently mitigated by WT itself.

Still would be hard to balance though. Only really the Typhoon nations would have a slim hope

They would have to buff the PIRATE beyond all living hell because its detection distsnce against aircraft with IR masking is probably only about 80km rear aspect or limit the type of AMRAAM the F-22 got, the Typhoon would have to stay locked with the data-link for the missiles to even think about hitting, WVR tho it would probably do okay.

Yeah, I did read something about the EF Typhoons ECM systems actually causing the F22 problems past about 50kms. so does have that factor to. But specifically WT, lets face it. ARB aint getting bigger, even with Typhoon with Meteors vs F22s. So take off, and you’d basically be in ASRAAM range for the Typhoon, not too mention PIRATE, maybe even radar detection range for the Typhoon :D

F22 would have to take off and side climb to create some space, whilst the Typhoon would need to aggresively close the gap. in SB though it would be a lot more one sided

The Raptor was put into service in 2004 and they stopped making it in 2011

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Which means absolutely nothing in terms of when and if it will be added in WT.

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Welcome to the forum, bro! Yup! you are on point about the year!

To answer your question, the F-22 will come, once each nation has comparable capabilities.

Year of service is not the determining factor of whether a model gets implemented or not.
Its capability.
There are aircraft/other vehicles in game that went into service after this year.

Once GJ and the community is satisfied that all other nations may have the same capabilities comparable to the F22. Then you will have a good idea when the F-22 Raptor will be implemented in War Thunder.

We are not too far off. But it will be some time. The unfortunate thing is that only three nations currently have the ability to compete (designed to) with the F-22 on each level technologically speaking.
I suppose If GJ wants to add the F-35 so each nation has semi comparable capabilities there is a better chance of the jet being implemented. Only time will tell, but we are off by about a couple years.

We just started our journey into the 4th generation and have many exciting aircraft to come along with variants, weapons and even prototypes.


its almost been a year and now im horrified… the amraam is knocking on the door and theres not a lot of jets that they could add before this… i hope they add massive maps bfr that tho because it would be insane to fight with f22s on the maps we have even now

I think they should add the F-117 before the F-22 just to test out the stealth capabilities. It shouldn’t be too broken as it’s subsonic and only has two internal hard points. IR would have a hard time locking and radar spaa would only work if the weapons bay is opened.

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Why? Does it not home in with it’s own radar? And are you saying the rwr won’t detect a constant radio beam towards it?

I wouldn’t be worried about the F-22a, with the way radar missiles work currently, especially the Sparrows, you can easily notch them with ground clutter, and they tend to be toned down compared to the real life counterparts seeing as the Aim 7M can be defeated just by rolling.

I’d be a bit more concerned about top end IR missiles, a la R-74, Python 5, IRIS-T, and anything else comparable.

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