#F-20 to the tech tree please

It would be very nice to have my and other peoples favorite vehicle not locked behind a pay wall


Sad to say, it won’t happen, gaijin wants to make their premiums cost more than (new) AAA games on the market today. So you can either buy pixels (and spaghetti code), or the new CoD MWIII, just another show of gaijin being gaijin, I get they have to make money, oh, and adjust for inflation that jobs don’t, to pretty much scam people out of their money, not saying the vehicle is a scam, it’s probably super good, but, not 70$ good. Gaijin over-inflated their prices because they can, because there is no competition. If someone came out with an almost identical game, with the same vehicles, adding premium to TT, would cost 60$, and making the grind easier, would probably put war thunder out of business.


I think that they should switch the 120S with the F20. The F20 had multiple build and competed with the F16 to be chosen for the US, where as the 120S was more experimental, and only a couple completed, and it was never for American use, it was designed for countries who had already bought the M60 and didn’t have the funds to buy the M1A1, so they retrofitted the M1A1 turret on the M60 to bridge the gap.

Didn’t seem any different than the F5 to me.

The problem/ hard part, is the 10 year head start and tens of thousands of dev hours/millions of dollars invested in WT, not to mention all those players who have likewise sunk their lives into this mess. No one is really going to come near what WT has and Gaijin knows it.

For someone who has Flown the F-5 A shit ton, the F-20 is a big difference.
The F-5’s Biggest problems were solved with the F-20, that being its poor acceleration and top speed. The F-5’s energy retention is great, but if you drop below around .9-.95 mach, you lost energy fast and the F-5’s poor acceleration put you in a dangerous position getting it back.
And as icing on top All aspect missiles and Sparrows make the F-20 a whole lot more dangerous.

Though there is the question of how it will fair in 12.0, as those 12.7 matches are most likely going to beat its ass.

There were only three F-20s built, the first one was just an engine change, the second and third with the weapons systems.