F-20 Tigershark Over Performs Like crazy

I have been doing some research after the latest big patch, and i found that the F-20 tigershark over performs by 4 whole degrees.

According to a image posted here about the f20 tigershark a long time ago before it was added, i decided to see if it matched the one in game, at the current moment the F-20’s energy retention is higher than what it should be, its ssutained turn rate at mach 0.6 Deck and 0.8 and 30000 feet is higher by 4 degrees.

At the moment, when using min fuel, at the deck, with a clean payload, at 400 Knots, it had a sustained turn rate of 26° when it should be 22°, at the deck with 50% fuel, 2x AIM-9L’s max out put, at 400 knots the F-20 has a sustained turn rate of 20° it should be 16°, to around 18°. But this is at the deck information, the one that i really wanted to find out if it was accurate was the one with definitive proof.

At 30000 feet, going mach 0.8 to mach 0.9, 300 knots to 320 knots, 50% fuel, with 2x AIM9L’S or 54% to account for the missing missiles and pylons, the F-20 tigershark has a sustained turn rate of 9.7° accounting for human error that could be pushed to a whole 10°, the F-20 Tigershark (F-5G) is the exact model we got, should be sustaining only 6° at those conditions. Its over performing by a 4°, it needs a nerf, ASAP, because atm it is the best sustained turn rate fighter in the game after the F-16A got it nerfed down to 24.2 degrees of sustained turn rate, meaning any player can pay for the best rate fighter in the game, and its absolutely absurd.

Here is the information i used to find this out.

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Keep in mind the version we got in game is indeed the F5G model, as it doesnt have flap arons, nor internal wing fuel. So please dont start say8ng its wrong and that its the F5J when we dont even have it and the proof is in the game. Thank you.

Also keep in mind im on console, not PC so i cant use thrid party software to help this be way more accurate. I have to do the math and the flying manually.


Already an open report, can’t do anything until the F-5E is fixed which the F-20’s stats are based off of.


Alright, well at least they got this one now, which has its full stats basically covered. I just hope they fix this soon, i dont want to see little timmy with his moms bank card buying a jet that can out rate anything without issue and the people who have spent years grinding have nothing to fight against it unless its ganged up on.

Some dev plays and loves F5s, they are never getting fixed/nerfed. This is the only logical conclusion with the amount of buffs and low BR placement they have gotten

F-20A is pushing 8.5 degrees per second at mach 0.8 30,000 feet.
Not 9.7 as you thought @WOLFER_16 , still higher than it should be.

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You are in a slight dive and speed doesn’t appear to be maintained properly - the turn rate will seem lower in these conditions. I recommend trying to keep specific excess power as close to 0 with steady speed and alt when doing these tests. I suspect it is closer to 9 deg/s.

Of course, it is still HEAVILY overperforming and Gaijin has made up a ton of stuff to deflect this fact. Like using tertiary Russian collections of foreign press data to determine the F-5E should sustained 20 deg/s at sea level… in reality it does 12 deg/s… lol.

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That was likely at pause. I made sure I was level up until pause, testing for ~40 seconds before pausing and making my post.

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F-16 has entered the chat.

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It is a best selling premium… all of them are overperforming. The F-5A is overperforming, the F-5E is overperforming… by extension now so is the F-20. It was all stemming from their error in reading the F-5A NATOPS flight manual charts. They looked only at the time to turn and didn’t correctly implement the overload and radius.


damn, you need to clean up your display


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In battle ive cant drop my bomb and an errormessage come. Why this?!

Have they modified the FM at all since release?

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WHY does the maverick rockets doesnt track the enemy?? I have so fly so close to the enemy that he can shot me down… What is this for a bullsh…?!

In the testfly they work over a long range. in RB 5-6km… Such a joke this game!

Because 5-6km is approximately how close you need to get to track moving tank sized targets. You can lock stationary points on the ground from further away.

No. It still doesn’t even reach its top speed of 2200 km/h as noted on the Gaijin store page…


God damn, I’m starting to think I should remove any and all instances of me posting those photos I took of Paul Metz’s book at this stage…

You folks keep using that shit without my permission

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I mean, in the test map it works from far away. In RB not… Why?!