F-20 Tigershark Over Performs Like crazy

One thing to pay attention to when you lock the weapon is if the display indicates “POINT” or “TRACK”. If it is “point” then you haven’t acquired a lock onto the tank and have instead just locked onto the ground near that tank. While it’s possible for the weapon to subsequently acquire a tracking lock on the target once it gets closer to it, it’s also possible that the opponent can simply move away before impact.

Another thing to consider is that live players frequently stay in motion and desire to get into cover. If visual obstructions block the camera, or if they pass by another target like a different tank or a burning wreck, then it’s possible for a weapon to lose lock or change targets to a wreck or other non-desired target.

I have some info

Does it in any way involve pictures taken from a book, or is it stuff you’ve found online (digital documents)

Yh, since im on console, i make a lot of errors, nothing i can do about it, but i think the only reason i got 9.7° was because i was probably lighter than what should of been, and i dont own the jet so i could select only two aim9l’s and when i tried dropping four, the pylons still add extra un wanted weight, so i used no missiles and more fuel to substitute, but the missile drag is another factor i should taken into consideration, i appreciate the help tho, its finally been nerfed to the correct 21° os sustained turn rate at the deck with min fuel no payload as it should be, again thank you for the help.

Also on console we dont get those extra bits of info, i wish we could tho, that help out alot. And save me so much time

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No, i did the tests at the time the f20 had 2° more than what the f16a block 10 was pushing, but thank god its finally been nerfed, now the f20 only does 21°, the f16a block 10 can finally out rate it easily.

So, I just noticed another thing about the graph you posted (from the picture I had taken): I believe this was back before the second and third F-20 prototypes, both of which had improved engines (F-5G is stated rather than F-5G-2 or F-20). It may not be entirely accurate to the F-20 we have in-game

At the time of me saying that it had its current stats and was in a state where the F-16 could easily beat it 9 times out of 10. Also why the hell did you take 5 yrs to reply to that prehistoric message…

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sorry I’m late, but it was on LASD’s database

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