F-16C should get AIM-9M

With the MiG-29SMT receiving the R-73 which coupled with the helmet sight will for sure be the best combination for dogfights, it would be fair if the F-16C also got the AIM-9M to have a better fighting chance, which by all means the R-73 with helmet sight will still be superior to the AIM-9M with helmet sight in dogfights, however the AIM-9M with its improved flare resistance, slightly extra G pull and reduced smoke will also give it its own unique advantages, it would be fair considering the Russians have gotten new missiles for the past few months but effectively the US haven’t, since even the AIM-7M is functionally a 7F clone, it’s not really much to ask for at this point because now the Russians not only have the best fox 1 missile, but also the best short and long range IR missiles.


Dev server 9Ls are almost as potent as R-73s in flare resist.
9M seems unnecessary for now.

It doesn’t turn as good as R-73, does it?

No it doesn’t

I’ve kinetically removed 2 or 3 R-73s in my testing [meaning I dodged them]. Was testing flare resist on full AB to get a baseline before forming opinions.
In the same test I tested 9Ls, and they worked out to 3km of testing, but I stopped the testing there since over 20 missiles were launched at each other at that point.

R-73s are more maneuverable than 9Ls for sure, and a flare will still defeat both of them off afterburner.

Which is why it isn’t a real counter to R-73

Now try them both at low speeds or very close distances. R-73 comes on top significantly (aside from the wobbling that reduces the range and bleeds it from energy very quick)

Low speed is death currently, cause either you’re on full AB which a 9L kills you on live server, or you’re not and their guns kill you cause you’re not accelerating.
Low-speed testing isn’t necessary.

AIM-9L overshoots at low speeds or very close ranges tho and low cpeed testing is necessary. Why wouldn’t it be?

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