F-16C Block 50: The More The Merrier!

The F-16C Block 50 is a further developed variant of the famous F-16 multi-role fighter — featuring a new engine and new guided weapons. Meet this exciting jet fighter, coming to War Thunder in the next major update!

F-16C Block 50: Jet fighter, USA, rank VIII


  • 8 weapon hardpoints.
  • Laser-guided bombs.
  • Improved engine.

In the early 1990s, the first single-seat F-16C appeared which was upgraded under the Block 50 program. This new program saw the installation of a new General Electric F110-GE-129 bypass engine, which featured increased thrust when taking off and at low speeds, as well as a new radar and updated avionics so that advanced weapons could be used. F-16C Block 50s are still in service today with the US, as well as foreign operators such as Turkey and Greece

The F-16C Block 50 will come to War Thunder in the next major update as a new flagship jet fighter at the top of the US fighter jet line. Featuring 8 weapon hardpoints, a more powerful engine, AIM-7 Sparrow air-to-air missiles, and most excitingly, new laser-guided precision bombs, the F-16C will be a formidable force to be reckoned with. Let’s take a look at the details!

Courtesy of the Block 50 modernization program, the F-16C is equipped with a brand new F110-GE-129 engine, which in comparison to the well known F-16A, means the F-16C will have an increase in thrust in static and lower speeds. Furthermore, when approaching the speed of sound, the thrust increase is proportional to the overall mass of the F-16C. Because of this, while at transonic and supersonic speeds, the performance of the F-16C is equal to or just slightly superior to the F-16A Block 15.

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Moving onto what weaponry this further developed F-16C has to offer. Thanks to 8 weapon hardpoints and a new radar, the F-16C will ensure that you’ll have the best weapons at your disposal. For air-to-air missiles, the F-16C can carry the AIM-7 Sparrow air-to-air missile as well as AIM-9L Sidewinders. In addition to this, the F-16C can also carry conventional unguided weapons that can be used against ground targets, which include free-fall retarded bombs, incendiary bombs as well as rockets — there’s certainly plenty to choose from! There are also exciting new laser-guided bombs, which are currently not featured on F-16s in the game, thanks to the addition of the LITENING II targeting pod. Previous F-16 pilots will be glad to know that this means two types of bombs — the GBU-12 Paveway II and GBU-24 Paveway III — weighing 500 and 2,000 pounds respectively, will be able to be carried on the F-16C. Moreover, the F-16C can also carry AGM-65D Maverick missiles, which are launched from a triple-rail pod.

We’d like to mention that our artists, especially for the F-16C Block 50, have prepared a very cool “snake” camouflage of the Viper Demo Team aerobatic team. That’s it for now! This fantastic and further developed F-16C will be waiting for you with the release of the next major update. Until that happens, happy flying, pilots!

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Why wasn’t this a Block -40?

The Block -50 only really added advanced standoff ordnance.

Also the only US F-16’s able to use the AIM-7 was the block -15ADF, all other MRM capable aircraft used the AMRAAM.


Block 50 ? Ok now where is my F-2A (Early Service), Gripen C and Rafale M LF.1 … XDD


Every patch, the top tier madness gets crazier and crazier XD. Well guess I don’t care as long as some nice lower tier stuff is also added as well.


Looks great and all…
But it’s still going to be a brick at very high speeds (And speed matters in top tier) just that with this, you’re going to hit those speeds a lot sooner than ADF


Maybe some other nations can get some decent top tier CAS instead? Tornado is hot garbage.


We needed block 30 first

Other than that where is AIM-120A-B-C or AIM-9M or LANTIRN pods etc.


Probably easier doing the Block 50 than making the WAR HUD for Block 40.
That said, just having Mavericks, Paveway and Litening and no JDAM, JSOW, Sniper ATP etc. this is closer to the modernised Block 30

No Drag Chute again…

Guess its so hard for Gaijin to add F-16 with Drag chute for Us tech tree, still amazing addition.


@Stona_WT is expansion of the Air BR brackets to be expected?


No way, term is too short…
Soon there will be no vehicles left for us to receive.

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woooooow niceeeeee
That is the coolest…


Uhhh, hello? Low bypass, high bypass?
Try not to use google translate next time please, reading that was quite amusing


This better be 12.3

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@Smin1080p will Israel be getting the F-16C BLK 50 in the same patch, it didn’t seem to mention it in the devblog?

When Italy got its f-16 ADF in Apex they were skipped in the dev blogs and server as well. You might have to sweat until patch day.

Where Better AA ?

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We’ve had 5 ground dev blogs already, give the rest of us s turn

My body is ready.