F-16A should get the AIM-9M

The F-16A had the AIM-9M at the end of it’s service in the US Air Force. This is confirmed in DCS and the DECLASSIFIED manual. It would also be adequate for it as it is at 12.0. Also it never used the AIM-9J, it used the AIM-9P , AIM-9P-3, AIM-9P-5 , the AIM-9L and the AIM-9M.

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Top missiles is exclusive for top planes now. And attack vehicles due of their worse flight performance.

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Add r73 to mig 29 then

No, F-16A should not be made 12.3 as per your suggestion.
AIM-9P is AIM-9J.




Also, sure, give it 9M but then also 12.3 and 12.7 when it comes just like the other crap at 12.3 that has no right to shit on 11.3s.

Or, you can just fly the F16C?


Ah the Fr*nch.

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I want this one

Along with the OV-10


No because you lose distinction between planes, A becomes better than C, and they all hang in 12.7 which does not make much difference now but it might in the future.

Besides, if you have A, you’re week away from C, you have something to look forward to and something to grind for.

What’s with this millennial z-gen attitude “I want it all, and i want it now (and preferably undeserved)”
Is it started when we started to hand out participation trophies and made everyone “a winner”?

What’s with the attitude that you don’t deserve the best?

Go be a masochist in private off the internet. Whip yourself bloody and feel the suffering you crave. No one wants to see or hear it here.

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The F-16A should be increased to 12.3 and the F-16C increased to 12.7

Then the AIM-9M is more that justified.

Air RB’s compression is a horrific mess.


By what parameters? A has better flight performance then the C. If you give it better missiles, C becomes pointless.

This game has many issues and I’m first to voice my discontent the way players time and effort is being disrespected

This however, is a non issue. Just lack of understanding of game progression systems and mechanics.

By the parameters it’s a 4th Gen fighter and shouldn’t be fighting 11.0 rated aircraft.

By the parameter that you can’t increase 10.0 BR without moving 11.0 up and you can’t move 11.0 up without moving 12.0 up.

BR Decompression

It’s not an “issue” that a fighter is gimped fighting other vehicles of its same BR range because it can’t have access to its missiles it historically used because it would make other vehicles of its same BR range “pointless”?

I think your excuse for them not being able to be added is inane. The F-16C has much better radar which will be very competitive once AIM-120s are modeled.

“lack of understanding” by this same justification the M1A2 SEP shouldn’t have access to M829A2 because it’s not at the end of the tech tree. It’s silly.

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The capability of a plane is measure in more metrics than just 1v1 performance. F-16C at this moment has weapons missing as everyone knows. Weapons that would distinguish itself above the F-16a

While it might not be Classified anymore, it is still export restricted and as such cannot be used.

At the moment it is more likely for a 12.0 plane to get uptiered to 12.3 than downtiered to 11.x.

It might not be historically correct (debatable) but for balance reason it might be the best to give the F-16s the AIM-9m and bring them to 12.3.

You do realise this isn’t world of warplanes. This is War Thunder. War Thunder is a REALISTIC game. Atleast gaijin claims it to be.

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Yeah I noticed, bloody idiots them NATO, it’s either classified or not. Why export restricted. I hate that about NATO manuals

Can’t forget the “Sky Warden” eventually.


Isn’t all of NATO, the stuff I have from the UK has ITAR taken into account. As I’ve been denied information on the basis of ITAR.