F-16A or F-16C for CAS?

With the update for the TV guided sight, it seem easier to get locks with tv mounted weapons rather than having to have a targeting pod.

4 AIM-9L
6 AGM-65B
2 GBU-8 ( TV guided drop and forget )

4 AIM-9M
6 AGM-65D
2 GBU-24 ( laser guided )

With more tanks having laser warning and having to keep your laser on target which means if you get shot out, turning hard will loose lock on the target and the bomb misses. On the other side if you have it locked and that target is destroyed, you do have the option to target another vehicle to try and get a kill. With the TV guided once its released you don’t get to re-designate a target mid drop, but you are free to attack another target or go defensive with out having to worrying about maintaining a lock.

  • F-16A
  • F-16C
  • Helicopter
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I personally prefer TV over laser. Laser does have some benefits but I feel that TV allows for much better multitasking which helps a lot when enemy spaa is up.

F-16C thermal pod is incredibly valuable for CAS


Right now the agm65D has super low zoom, I don’t know if pod “fix” it or if f16C was nerfed

Pod works well to lock AGM-65s, I just wish the F-16C has TV guided bombs too


yea that would be really good to have.


After update ? Because right now the 65D own zoom is really poor, hard to see at +4k altitude

Who wants to tell him the difference between the 65B and the 65D?

65D uses a thermal imaging seeker, makes it more reliable to work in all weather conditions and time of day

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You can use pod to lock

I know, i am talking about zoom, right now 65B has greater zoom than 65D, I don’t know if the pod on F16C adds better zoom or not

it does

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