F-16A (belgian)

The F-16A (belgian) has Flare pod (90x countermeasures each - 180x countermeasures in total) but when I reserached the modification and installed it, the f16 still has 60x countermeasures. (it should be 240x )

Did you actually equip the pods on your inboard pylons;

Seems odd to me that there are not more ordinance options to use on the PIDS+ pylons. Would have thought that A2A missiles would mount there.

If you can find photos of A2A weapons on them I can form a report on that basis. But to my knowledge they’re for A2G stores.

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You could try and have a look in the manual if you have them, it mentioned some mounting options and modification of Belgian F16As. If there are none, then you will have to use a photo and prove it is Belgian F16A. (Is it MLU in game?)

It is MLU standard yes