F-16A ADF not getting AIM-120s | What's the reason why?

So I noticed in the latest update that the F-16A ADF didn’t get AIM-120s which they had IRL. Sure I get that there needs to be 12.0 fighters for some countries like Italy and USA but Italy purchased the F-16A ADF for the main reason that it could carry AMRAAMs. Couldn’t other F-16s be put into place as 12.0 fighters like the F-16B Block 15 so the ADF could have its proper loadout?

Also I understand that yes, Italy does get the Gripen C now but it kind of feels like its a band-aid over a larger wound. If Italy got its proper vehicles and weapons they wouldn’t need other countries vehicles.

What are your guy’s thoughts on this?

It would require its BR be increased which is why Gaijin didn’t give access to them.

That why I said they could add other F-16s to put into its place.

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It is a shame. Its sensible that some dont get AMRAAM. But considering the ENTIRE point of Italy leasing the F-16s in the first place was to have AMRAAM as they didnt want to pay for the ADV upgrades necessary, Italy really should get a F-16 with AMRAAM

Definetly a second F-16ADF if there is a genuine gap concern, if not, I would just add it to the current F-16.

never use that ? xD

The thing is that they wouldn’t have to add another ADF for Italy. They could just add the F-16B Block 15 that Italy used as well.

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Yeah, thats even better

Never use what? The Gripen or AMRAAMs?

the adf its a block 15 and the block 15 never use the aim120

In 2001 Italy was getting ready to retire the F-104S and they needed to new air defense fighter but they also wanted to be able to use AMRAAMs. The Tornado ADV upgrade program cost to much to be able to carry AMRAAMs so Italy went to Lockheed Martin to order 30 F-16A ADF Block 15s. At the time though the F-16A ADF Block 15s were not able to carry AMRAAMs which is what Italy needed so Lockheed Martin took the F-16s and took them through a upgrade program named “Falcon Up” and “Falcon 2020” modifications.

This made it possible for the F-16A ADF to carry AMRAAMs.

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xD okey i dont see the dokuments just one random webpage



Untitled 3
General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon variants - Wikipedia

The Aviationist


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Italian Vipers: The Story Of The F-16 Fighting Falcon In Italian Air Force Service - The Aviationist



I am not able to access the documents due to how new the program was.

this not source XD

Good luck trying to get military documents on the thing (and I’m not saying you should go leak anything). If photo proof isn’t enough idk what is.

We know for certain that Italy acquired the F-16 for AMRAAM. So even if the F-16A ADF got AMRAAM and moved up and then the F-16D was added with 12.0 appropriate loadout to replace it, that would work (would also be more friendly on the stock grind for those that already had it unlocked)

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It’s in fact true, believe it or not. (I think I also read somewhere possibility of Aim-9L/i, but could be misremembering…)

Incorrect name. F-16B Block 15 ADF it’s two-seat of F-16A Block 15 ADF

F-16D ADF ? wrong name lol

  • F-16D Block 25
  • F-16D Block 30/32
  • F-16D Block 40/42 (F-16DG)
  • F-16D Block 50/52
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Im fairly certain they had those too. Seen a doc on the forums before that they bought them (I think) Also makes sense that they would acquire them

Thanks for telling me. I meant to say F-16B.

IMO Italian F-16A ADF and Hungarian MiG-29A should gets better loadouts because 12.3/12.7 vehicle that has the fighter roll currently is missing in Italian TT.