F-16 ACM back to 19km

So realistically what’s the point of playing the F-15 if I can just play the F-16 that gets TWS and HMD with better dogfighting performance and now the same radar ranges?

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There isn’t one. Play the F-16C.

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You don’t always have to play the meta aircraft.


Unfortunately the F-15 is wrapped into a BR bracket where it faces meta aircraft fairly regularly and performs like dogwater lol.

Russian mains would like to disagree with this. According to them F15 is equivalent of other 12.7 aircrafts.

The F-15 is 12.3 though? It’s below the other top tier jets.

In my experience, 11.3 matchmaker is something you’ll get maybe 30% of the time playing the F-15. Every other match is an SU-27, F-16, and Grippen slog fest where everyone is dead within three and a half minutes.

What’s the point? I mean, this is exactly the same for the case of why play a mid br over top tier ( slight exaggeration but the point stands), the newer tech wins, ez answer, question over right.
It’s about the experience and learning from it, maybe even seeing if the vehicle exceeds your expectations in certain ways.
But oh well, that’s on you to figure out, just like with everyone else

Sure as hell beats all of the Mig-29s.

It shouldn’t see 11.3s.

Split the air and ground BRs, move the F15 to 12.7, and move the SU27/J11 and F16C/D to 13.0.

Yes it should be moved to 12.7 in the future