F-15C MSIP II nerfed engines?

Why does the F-15C that shares the same F100-PW-220 engines as the F-15 Baz Improved has weaker engines than it? You can see it in-game, they share the same engines but somehow the US one is weaker.

Even the F-15A with the F100-PW-100 is stronger

I do wonder how the Baz which, has almost the same weight as the C, has almost 10000 ft per minute higher stock climb rate with CFTs.

Because of the difference in engine output which should be the same if they share the same engines.

I’ve pointed that out multiple times on the dev, but I was hoping it was just a mistake that would be corrected on live

Do you know where to see this as the x-ray stat cards has them as identical.

I haven’t spaded the F-15C so for reference I will use stock values:

F-15A - F100-PW-100 = 8020kgf x 2
F-15C MSIP II - F100-PW-220 = 7920kgf x 2
F-15C Baz Improved - F100-PW-220 = 8010kgf x 2

So as you can see, the baz has better engines than the US F-15C while sharing the same engine, while the F-15A has stronger than both while having the older engine which should be weaker? I’m not sure

check files not stat cards or xray

That’s not just a stat card thing, static trust and climb rate is usually correct for stat cards.

In a test drive with a stock F-15C MSIP II I get 7928kgf of static thrust while ramming my plane against a building going full afterburner

Baz has the same x-ray engine performance as the C but it’s climb rate is far higher stock.

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F-15C ingame engine got a little tune down since the factory who made it stated that the improved F-100-PW-200 mainly for more effiency, cheaper to produce/maintain and fixing minor issuses.

Reliability and maintenance costs were also drastically improved, and the engine incorporates a digital electronic engine control (DEEC). The -220 engine produces static thrust of 14,590 lbf (64.9 kN) in military (intermediate) power and 23,770 lbf (105.7 kN) afterburning, very slightly lower than the static thrust of the -100/200, but the -220 has better dynamic thrust across most of the envelope.

The F100-PW-100 is a bit stronger but not so realiable. Idk bout the baz

I don’t know how you got the same values, because mine are different.

Ok that makes sense, but why the difference between USA and Israeli F-15C variants when they have the same engine?

No clue, either way something is indeed wrong.

F100-PW-220 engines are stronger at speed than PW-100s.

@Gunjob hey is there any reason for this discrepancy?

What discrepancy?
Cause there is none between F-15C and F-15 Baz Improved.

Have they fixed it?

There was never an issue as far as I know.
Then again, I only checked at the time of my first post made here, which may be a different version of the game you were on.

I just download a patch now, but nothing is changed.

They have the same engine but different thrust, and as such, the F-15C MSIP has lower climb rate and lower performance in general

They’re identical in performance.
I’d verify files if I was you.