F-15A constantly breaking wings

when i play F-15A It should have withstood 12g but was subjected to a force of 10g and Its wings are falling apart like paper Does not have proper radar guided missile not have a hmd, head track and tws radar The new update is extremely bad for American players.


Spade the aircraft.

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And dont overload the wings


I have also been having this issue. The wings appear to be made of glass. I do a simple aileron roll (with no elevator or rudder inputs) and the wings snap like twigs. Last night it happened to me like three or four times. I’ve also seen it happen to other players. There’s a lot of times I see an F-15 try to get a shot off on another jet, only for it to spontaneously nut on itself with only the slightest mouse input.

It’s frustrating, and extremely disappointing. F-15 wings are considered extremely strong, even in today’s standards. It’s one of the most safe and easy to fly aircraft operating irl, yet in game it’s made of paper. It’s extremely inconsistent as well, one game you can be a g monster pulling crazy aoa and turn rates in dogfights, while in others you sneeze the wrong direction and your entire wing is gone.


The wing’s shouldn’t overload until a minimum of 15G, there have been F-15’s that have survived 14G maneuvers IRL with only slight deformations of the wing. Any breaking of the wing lower than 15G is unrealistically fragile


Have they done that with the two 2,250 liter fuel tanks attached ?.. I dont think so… and so as mentioned, do not over load the wings when attempting high-Gs maneuvers


No, but they shouldn’t overload in game without the fuel tanks either. The overload limit should be changed to reflect the strength of the wings, saying “do not overload the wings” doesn’t mean much when the limit itself is incorrect

It already reflects the strength of the wings:

At such high load the structural limit is 7.3G, 7.3x1.5 you will rip at around 10.8G

Can somebody explain this? I have no clue why it happend… (link only avalible for 2 days)

Like other people said, the wings appear to be made of glass. Seriously though it is the F-8E all over again


Can I have the source link for this? I’m an engineering student and want to look at how they’re determining the structural limit

Can it still fly without a wing? 'Cause that is a thing.

This is misleading since the G-limit in the revised manuals is 9Gs.
They chose 7.3 to start because of fears that were later to be unfounded.


You are pulling+rolling at mach 1.2.
This causes extreme loads on one wing because of the asymmetrical load.
Just be a bit more careful at supersonic and dont pull+roll

This is the revised manual, structural limit at lower weights is 9G but at this high load it is 7.3…

It is the flight manual:

Could you explain why it doesn’t happen in this clip? I did a test flight, 30 min fuel, 4x AIM-9M and 4x AIM-7M. This was the same loadout configuration in the clip I showed. Why is it not happening here?

The only thing I can think of that this is being done with constant fuel and in the previous clip I had burnt some.

I just feel like it’s inconsistent. As a Tornado F3 player I feel like I know what not do do to rip the wing’s. Because of these 2 clips, I am not sure what to do to prevent this in the F15

Mmh maybe in the first clip you pulled negative Gs?

Can’t confirm this since I only have the server replay. But because of my Tornado F3 experience I developed some fear for pulling negative G’s. However my mouse aim might be the reason for pulling negative G’s. I tried to replicate the same in the second pull in the clip.

It’s just a little strange, might the instructor have something to do with it?