F-15 Engine Exhaust wrong?

The F-15A and F-15J newly updated in the game have engine exhausts with a structure called
turkey feathers, which is a metal faring covering the nozzle actuator linkages.
While in real life these fairings were not added to the aircraft until on some F-15Es. F-15A, B, C, D and J, DJ all have uncovered nozzle actuator linkage.

Maybe it is modelled incorrectly?

those are the newer engines

these are the old ones we have in game


The engines had turkey feathers initially, they were later removed because of maintenance problems.

But F-15J don’t have turkey feathers, right?

F-15Js have been shown to have used turkey feathers very early in their career.

F-15DJ 12-8051

F-15J 72-8779