F-15 Eagle: History, Performance & Discussion

Probably not getting AMRAAM on the F-15A model tho, if current trends continue…

MiG-23M → MiG-23MLD
F-14A → F-14B
F-16A/ADF → F-16C
MiG-29 (9-13) → MiG-29SMT
Mirage 2000C → Mirage 2000-5F

Now… F-15A…

Which one? Not the Japanese with aaam3 for sure

Most likely, Yes…this update is an advertising test (New Year’s) …
For example, the FOX-3 (R-77) missiles can use the Su-27SM and J-11A…but not the current versions that they are adding…

I mean it’s cool to have an aim9m that turns a bit more but that’s all, the bvr capabilities are slightly better than the f16 cuz you can carry 2 more 7Ms but the sparrows are absolute trash anyway, not to mention the FM that it’s probably inferior to almost every other 4th gen ingame, with the f14a and the SMT being an exception. The japanese f15 is the only eagle ingame that is better than the viper available on its tree and that’s only because the f16aj doesn’t have 9Ms, the f16C and the barak were more relevant additions for their respective countries than the eagle, if you think about it, the f15a could be added together with the f16 in the apex predators with 9Ls that it would make no difference at all…

Ur correct, they’ll probably add the f15c

tried my hand at the F-15s STR, seems to be about right





Yeah, initially i thought that it was underperforming and that the model was bricked but apparently that’s how it is, at least regarding str

yeah its weird, and from limited testing the Su-27 appears to be underperforming, though this one is harder to test since Ive found it harder to hold a rate and altitude in the Su-27 compared to the F-15, but from the few times I’ve managed it seemed to be ~.6-.7g off which is a 2 deg/s difference in turnrate

F-15 I originally found ITR might be underperforming, but ITR is harder to test consistently since it’s “max lift” usually if ITR is underperforming STR is too though or vice versa.

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15 is def underperforming right now if its getting out turned by a phantom

I heard the su27 should bleed less energy but i’m not sure about that, we need more info about it



does the j have a cockpit? it should have f15c displays

Yoo calm down dude the situation is bad but not that bad XD, most of the big issues regarding the eagle are because they added an old variant that compared to the su27 can’t do shit, but yes it has some flight performance issues like the wing snapping but it’s def not out turned by the f4

well if the STR is underperforming that would mean it is bleeding more speed than it should

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No F-15J is a pre-msip version so cockpit should look just like that maybe slight differences.

yes i just forgot to quote your comment ab the str underperforming

did you watch defyns stream lmao. he was getting out turned by an f4f

i dont care if the su 27 outdoes it armament wise but it should not be this reminiscent of a flying brick

he kinda fucked up a lil bit in most of the fights… Not that he’s bad (he’s much better than me) but his friend was far more experienced than him when talking about dogfights, Defyn himself admitted that on the stream many times, he was losing to the same guy while he was using the su27 and the opponent the f15 and the mig29, later they switched planes and he got smacked again.

F-15 ripping seems to have been fixed, structural strength was increased, radar also got some buffs

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