F-15 Discussion

Is the F-15A supposed to have TWS or no? Does the J and the C (Israel) have TWS right now on dev server? I don’t want to download the full client to check and can only test drive the f-15A and the J11

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dont think so

They all have the same flight model.

But I imagine that the C and J will get TWS when they fix those radars right? And the A won’t

I was talking about F-16s but no I imagine Japan will have the worst since it will be heavier.

Oh… But they don’t, block10, ADF, MLU and the C all have different empty weights and by consequence different instructor limits

su-27 is a flying deadzone while f-15 is a flying brick that struggles sometimes to chase even phantoms

That’s the problematic part. All planes in WT about 20-30% more maneuverable then DCS. Except f-15. And I doubt they well nerf everything rest.

Also speed is the problem, it struggles a lot at high speed. ~1300km\h feels like a soft-cap and you suddenly gain speed much slower and 1400 is like a hard cap after which you barely gain any speed at all.
At sea level f-16 and f-15 supposed to have about the same speed from what I know but f-16 don’t have any of these problems

As of now, I think F-16C is straight out more capable.

F-16C can carry 6xAIM-9M compared to F-15A’s 4xAIM-9M, and F-15A carrying more AIM-7M is not really an advantage, since this missile is just straight out obsolete compared to stuff like R-27ER.

Couple that to F-15A’s lack of HMD compared to F-16C, and… yeah.

Also, my F-15A is still stock, but, as of now, it feels like a brick- JAS 39As and SU-27Ss just fly in circles around me. Maybe it will get better once I spade it, I guess!

EDIT: F-15A’s wing rip issue has been fixed! That’s a plus.


Totaly agree
atm F16C is really better

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So the F-15A, still rated for 9+ Gs, like the Su-27, will have its wings fall off if it turns too much? Despite the airframe of the F-15s being rated for 8000 hours, and the Su-27s only rated for 4000? Quality control isn’t what Russian or Soviet equipment was known for. The F-15 has double the airframe life but its wings fall off easier. Makes sense…

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What part of dev server does this community not understand?

The point of dev servers is literally to provide feedback in order to help polishing the products with criticism, information and reports.


Agree on the su-27, but f-15 is FAR from being a brick while it is faster and has far better energy retention / sustained turn rate than the su-27 itself. What makes the su-27 deadly in a dogfightis the r73 which compliments the flanker weaknesses very well.

F-15 is no exception here. But relatively speaking still has better 2C performance than a flanker and worse than an F-16 which was what I expected to see. If you are talking about G-overload that’s another issue that will probably get fixed hopefully.

Yeah that’s what I pointed out initially, If you climb and try a max speed run, the flanker will reach it’s stat card max speed and the f-15 is not even close. Probably some issue with drag values. But the speed issue is not that relevant in a normal match. Hope it will be fixed anyway tho

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That is the point atm :

  • F15 isn’t good in dogfight
  • F15 isnt good at bvr (sparrow are really sick with the current meta)
  • Wings are easy to break
  • Without hmd
  • Only 4 aim9m

Why take an F15 when my F16C is just better in any case?
This F15 introduction is really sick atm and that is sad.

Su27 is really better in all situation


Posting here for visibility but @MAUSWAFFE was looking for documentation on the thrust values for the F-15s engine, F100-PW-100.

Perhaps it is indeed missing extra thrust which would go a long way in flight performance (and also equalizing the differences between the A and the J).


I don’t think it is possible to use that because if you got close and didn’t kill su-27 you are not getting out no matter how good energy retention\turn rate are

Yep, was talking about that, hope that will be fixed, including very weird wing rip

I also think it is drag values but might be not true. I tried to compare some basic information about f-15 and thrust values of engines in game. I think f-15 missing about 20% afterburner thrust and may be even more in case of f-15j but I didn’t go deep yet. Will wait for second dev where I think they will fix most obvious f-15 problems then I’ll go full into numbers


Sure but that doesn’t mean the f-15 is a brick, it’s a better energy fighter than the flanker but the flanker has the r73 doing the dogfight for itself

The F100-PW-100 is missing 6000 pound-force of afterburning thrust. That is a total of 12000! It is not even a joke anymore. The Su-27 has the correct thrust values. They can’t even deny Russian bias at this point.


The Su-27 has the correct thrust values for its engine, but Gaijin reduced the afterburning thrust of the F100-PW-100 by 6000 lbf! That is a total of 12000 lbf of missing thrust! They can’t even deny Russian bias anymore.